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Mac 101: Get info {}

Jul 27th 2008 6:21PM I just switched to Mac and I'm so used to "Properties" and "Delete" that I usually overlook "Get Info" and "Move to trash" in the right click menu. I keep forgetting that Mac uses really simple phrases to do things.

White 16 gig iPhone {}

Jul 27th 2008 3:44PM I'm a bit confused as to why Apple would make a white iPhone. Weren't they moving AWAY from white plastic? iPods have changed to aluminum and are no longer white, and the new iMacs are aluminum and not white. I would think the iPhone should be aluminum, too. I think an alu iPhone would look very sexy.

The companion cube cannot remain through the testing {WoW}

Feb 18th 2008 8:12PM But there's no sense crying over every mistake