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Center your tanking {WoW}

Mar 30th 2008 6:10PM Think you are on to something. I have build up a UI quite similar to yours, the basic idea at least. What i would suggest was either to moove your bag and micro menu to the bottom of the screen - or even better get Titan panel or Fubar, to get rid of all the stuff on your screen you dont need for combat. And instead put your main action bar to below your target, that should give your eyes even shorter travel distance. :)

Also it might work for you to make a small cluster of healing pots, trinkets etc. in an isolated group. You might have your hotkeys working, but thats a big help to me.

No doubt that manipulating your interface to match your own temper and style is a good idea.

Dress yourself completely in Badge loot {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 6:38AM Im not sure who this new badgeloot is for. If you are running Kara, Gruul, ZA, Tempest Keep etc, what will be your reward if you are already in tier 6 similar gear? This inflation removes a very basic part of the game - upgrading yourself for progress, so you can down the next boss, and upgrade yourself for further progress. Killing the Gruul the first time will feel a little empty when your epics outshine the tokens he drop. (I guess)
Anyway, i might be old and bitter, but i have yet to see tier 5, and being in tier 6 when i get there seemes a little odd to me.