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The Queue: Wrath's current raids and their difficulty {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 5:40PM So Wrath's been out a week.

Maybe a few top notch, hardcore, driven guilds have cleared some raid content.

So what? They did the same thing every step of the way before. That's what makes them who they are. Most of you haven't even set foot in there. What's the point of QQing when you haven't even seen it yet?

1-60 - It was new to EVERYONE. Raids were hard, you had to spend a lot of time on them.

60-70 - Not quite as new, Kara was a hard to start with and got nerfed some. A lot of people didn't get to raid at the 60 level cap due to the "newness" and the need to put so much time and effort into raiding initially. The content got progressively harder all the way to Sunwell. People eventually progressed through, even more casual guilds.

I'm on a carebear server (joined for friends, stayed because I made new ones) that had horde side 1 guild in Sunwell and alliance side (I'm alliance) 3-4 guilds in BT and that was it. After the patch my guild cleared 3 bosses in both BT and MH, but we could barely clear gruuls and mags previously because we couldn't get 25 "skilled" people together at the same time. We had done 4/6 ZA previous to the patch. (Guild was only 6 months old when patch came out) That doesn't mean we didn't have great people who could have been in those instances before, we just couldn't find enough people of that same level to do them. We got in with the higher progressed guilds and learned the fights so we could take our guild when the patch came out.

Oh and wtf are people crying about the first few instance in Wrath being easy? Was Ramps/BF/SP horribly hard to start with? I mean they are basically level 70 instances which we've been farming on heroic mode forever now. You wanted a mini BT or MH as your initial instance in Wrath?

70-80 - So many of us got to raid, so many of us have been 70, or have multiple 70's. So many of us have used ElitistJerks, WoWHead, Allakhazam and many other sites to become hardcore casuals. Of course the entry stuff is easy. If you put a noob who just hit 70 and never raided a day in his life in Naxx with 9 other noobs he'd get slaughtered. Stop looking at it from the perspective of the OP superman and start looking at it from the perspective of not everyone has been playing for several years.

Blizz put a lot of time and effort into making this expansion what it is. Beautiful landscapes, tons of quests, new instances, new raids, new gear. They did what you wanted, made the gear get replaced slower. They made the entry level raids a little easier (maybe, I'm just over 72 since I've been busy with overtime at work and also worked a DK up to 63). They gave you options to start in different zones. They gave you a huge PVP area. They gave you an awesome new class. They reworked tons of game mechanics, spells, and abilities to make the classes flow through their rotations better.

All this time and effort by hundreds of Blizz employees and a week after it's released they are getting nothing but QQ from so many people.

I know plenty of us are thoroughly enjoying this new content and grateful that Blizzard was able to come through in such a great way.

Guildwatch: The thread you are looking for has been deleted {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 1:53PM That was for Veritas Aequitas. I don't know why it posted under my alt's name lol

Guildwatch: The thread you are looking for has been deleted {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 1:51PM Also recruiting, accepting any class/spec but focusing on Tanks and Heals to have enough for a 2nd kara/ZA team.

Guildwatch: The thread you are looking for has been deleted {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 1:24PM Veritas Aequitas on Thorium Brotherhood a new guild, only 3 weeks old.
Cleared Kara 2nd week of existence, 6 1/2 hours over 2 nights.

Went into ZA last night and one shot Nalorakk and took down Akil'zon on our third try. Jan'alai and Halazzi on notice.

Looking to get into Gruuls next week with our allied guild Holy order of Thaco.

Totem Talk: A raider's valentine {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 11:43AM I have an Elemental Shaman that I just got to 70 about a month ago. He is wearing a few epics and some really nice blue's. I have enchants on my epics, but nothing else, since I don't wanna waste the gold when I'll still be upgrading soon. I have been in alot of PuG's and guild runs in the last month, and have been hitting the heroics hard. I have never been anything but #1 in damage except once. I lost to a hunter who had a cat pet was BM/MM spec and was wearing full epics.

My 41/20 Ele/Resto spec has proven that with 18% unbuffed crit and 11% in talents. That I can manage my aggro but still top the damage charts. I had a level 68 hunter before I switched to this toon, but my guild had too many keyed for kara so I went to a class that we didn't have alot of in the guild. I was the first shammy to 70 and have since been included in many groups because of my damage capabilities. Grouped with a Pally Tank, Druid healer, Frost mage and Hunter we can roll through instances like cake.

On that note I am absolutly pathetic in PVP. I have run alot of diff bg's from WSG to AV , and unless I am sheltered in the middle of a large group and can't be targeted, I am a sitting duck. My inability to get out of any form of CC = Quick Death. I normally stay in a group and spam Chain lightning/Lightning bolt/Frost Shock ( for limited CC ) and wait for death. Sometimes I get lucky, most times not, but I keep trying. I am always in the top 5 in damage if I can keep myelf from dying more than 3-4 times and I absolutely dominate on the boss fights where I can unleash my 2.2-2.9k critting lightning bolts and that 20% for half damage extra crits pleasantly often.

Overall I love this class more than my 40 rogue, my 68 hunter and my 30 priest. I play it 90% of my time on and will continue to throughout the nerfs. I really would like to see some form of CC, but then some of my friends might not wanna group with me cause I out DPS them AND cc lol. Anyway I love the article. Thanks for keeping the Shaman community looking at the bright side