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Japanese hospitals want Dementium off store shelves {Joystiq Nintendo}

Oct 4th 2008 3:39AM Not to mention all of the other zombie shooters from Japan featuring abandoned hospitals/graveyards/etc. But those are okaay ssomehow..

Japanese hospitals want Dementium off store shelves {Joystiq Nintendo}

Oct 3rd 2008 8:52PM Why am I not surprised that one of the only games (if not the only currently, I don't follow it) being protested in Japan isn't made by Japanese? Xenophobic double standards for the win. We can't have prejudice, but help yourself to some copies of Gaijni Hanzai Ura Fairu in 7-11.

Spiritual Guidance: Holyform and lesser Holy talents {WoW}

Feb 20th 2008 5:33AM A friend of mine calls the pool of tears in swamp of sorrows "the pool of druids".
You are the perfect example of this.
Priests are supposed to be the MAIN healers, the PRIMARY healers. All of the others are hybrids and can fill a number of roles. We currently are half-assed healers that are usually brought along for buffs, rarely come near the top of the healing charts, and do barely decent damage in Shadowform. We're also in cloth, and have 1 talent tree that is designed solely to complement the other trees. Hybrids talent trees all are for different playstyles.
QQ more, but shut up this time.