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All Your Video Is Belongs to Us {Blog Maverick}

May 28th 2008 9:21PM As the creator of one of the most popular independent web shows on the net, I relate to all the insightful analysis you've done Mark. this is a business that is struggling to find a way to transfer wealth from one venue to another and everyone is confused.

There is a reason that there are 100 people working on a single TV show, they all do their jobs to make a product excellent and look great. That comes at a cost that the web market can't afford because monetization is eluding...everyone. Everyone is waiting for someone to invent the magic bullet for internet video (which may not exist). Until then the web will just be a feeding ground for new talent to transition to old media, where the money is.

Episode 9 of The Guild: Owning Bladezz {Massively}

Apr 20th 2008 7:06PM Hahha, yes, I do owe you. Thanks for not freezing the fish lips. Sometimes I wonder why I think some things up...without thinking them through :)

Thanks for the post you guys, love the site!


The Guild, Episode 7: Home Invasion {WoW}

Feb 21st 2008 7:15PM Thanks for watching all! Yes, that line was an homage to Ghostbusters, my second favorite movie besides "Big Trouble in Little China".

And yes icer, it was a fake hanging. I can't really kill the actor...yet :)