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Gamers on the Street: Oceanic players persist despite performance issues {WoW}

Apr 15th 2008 6:27PM Raiding isn't impossible on Jubei at the moment, it's just very, very painful.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 10:10PM The more I read through this thread and your post Adam, the more I feel resentful for you trivialising the issues Oceanic players are having. Even your "dingo" caption is insulting, and does very little other than reinforce the stereotype that Americans are largely ignorant of the world outside their borders.

Oceania incidentally is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, part of Polynesia, and Southeast Asia.

Thanks for your complete lack of support. I won't be visiting this blog anymore.

MMO-Champion actually provides all the real news anyway, which you regurgitate in between your "fluff" pieces.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 9:58PM Quoted from

"2) Hosting location - the actual servers are in Seattle. The only difference is that they're on a different authentication system, and so appear to be separate. I would have loved to have one combined server group, but merging two authentication systems would be a bug farm, and screwing that up leads to law suits and such. :-) The other reason that I don't want to combine the groups of servers is because I'm looking into hosting options in Australia. I'd like to bring the servers over here, but the deal came together so late that we really don't have the ability to do this for launch. One of the cool things about our data storage system is we can set up replication between the US and Australia, so we can run servers in the US for Oz, deploy new servers in Australia, and when we're ready to switch over, we can turn off the server, wait a few hours for the replication to catch up, and then turn the server back on again. Down time should be less than 6 hours."

While you are correct that the servers are currently hosted in Seattle, it appears that they are making preparations for a shift to locally hosted servers.

Also note that server maintenance for PoTBS AU is on off-peak hours.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 8:29PM "The best option, I think, would be having Oceanic-only battlegroups so that our batch jobs and weekly maintenance can be performed at an appropriate Oceanic time independently of the US servers."

Agreed. This is a no-brainer, and is the bare minimum that should be provided to consider our realms "Oceanic". If Blizzard can't organise genuine Oceanic servers, then the least they can do is this.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 8:27PM Adam, you're ignoring the fact that the most probable reason for these issues is that Oceanic players were not considered initially during the development of 2.4.

Introducing background processes running during our peak hours of play, suggests that Blizzard have very little consideration for Oceanic players.

We have had no offer of compensation nor have we had an apology of any sort.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 7:01PM Here's the quote from Syndri:

"We modified a particular process that was running in the early AM hours and noticed an immediate change. This occurred two days ago—no one immediately spoke (neither Aredek or I) because we wanted to give it at least another cycle to sink in; we didn't want to address a matter before we could confirm that it wasn't coincidence. That said, I'm not going to state what that process is, though, (as it's irrelevant) so please don't inquire to that effect. (Just saving you guys some time and sanity here.)"

This implication is that a maintenance change was made for 2.4 that has severely impacted Oceanic realms. We were not considered when this change was made. Running background processes on our realms during peak play time is obviously going to increase the server load.

Given this information do you honestly think it's unreasonable of us to be angry with Blizzard?

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 6:52PM It is entirely feasible - Sony are hosting Pirates of the Burning Sea realms in Australia in partnership with BigPond.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 6:48PM Why don't you expect them to build Oceanic servers? It's certainly feasible.

SoE (Sony Online Entertainment), have set up genuine Oceanic servers for their new MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea in partnership with Telstra/BigPond.

Ultime Online has had genuine Oceanic servers for years.

If any company has the resource to make this possible, it's Blizzard.

Blizzard tells Oceanic realms they're fixing it {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 6:45PM The biggest problem, which you failed to mention in your post, is that Blizzard have admitted that a new "background process" has been introduced with the release of 2.4.

Evidently at some point it was decided that this process, be it related to the new honour calculations or a backup process, should run during Oceanic peak play time. Oceanic players were not considered at all when this was decided, and quite obviously Blizzard have got themselves into a bit of a fix here. Whatever it is that is responsible for the lag is obviously an integral part of the 2.4 code.

Blizzard's response has been very poor actually - there are no posts on the realm forums acknowledging the issue, nor have they offered any compensation for lost playtime. As far as I'm aware this is the single biggest technical stuff up in the history of the game.

This has been a problem for 3 weeks, not 10 days i.e. since the release of 2.4. You would think that after all that time we would have a better response from Blizzard than "we're working on it". Apparently the techs are too busy to actually provide us with any concrete information.

This problem in itself is very frustrating, but it's compounded by the fact that Oceanic players are the worst off of the entire WoW playing population. Of all the world regions that play WoW, we're the only one that doesn't have geoproximal servers. Europe, China, and soon Latin America all have their own servers, with maintenance schedules that don't interfere with peak play time. Oceanic realms by contrast are hosted in Irvine California, and share maintenance schedules with US realms, which fall during our peak play time.