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Bring your pals to The Old Republic with a newly extended Friends Trial {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 1:03AM Oh goodie I can let my friends run around a boring game to see people running around with their super special founders titles up like that means something. Oh look I played the game for the first month I'm special!!

Worst $80 I've spent the past year atleast in rift I could ride my extra mount right out of the starting area and not wait until 25 to use it so it had some value to it.

Bioware is only popular because their stupid games sell to the mouthbreathing console players.

Ask Massively: A confluence of awesome edition {Massively}

Mar 29th 2012 11:29PM Dress em? shoot i'd pimp out a van and make a holographic mobile version of those avatars.

seriously go read a book

The Daily Grind: Are MMO players tired of beefcake? {Massively}

Mar 26th 2012 12:50PM Huge in ToR? no they're lardasses no wonder the republic fell.

Kickstarting the future of game publishing: An interview with Brian Fargo {Massively}

Mar 16th 2012 2:13AM If memory serves there was a actual wasteland 2 or follow-up released in a similar gamestyle before they screwed it up by calling it Fallout. Or maybe I'm just thinking of one that was a copy of Wasteland.

Now if they just made a Neuromancer 2 for people to play on their cyberdecks, sorry tablets, I might consider actually buying one. I'd laugh like a kid again cracking ICE on one of them.

WildStar Wednesday: Shiny hover bikes {Massively}

Mar 15th 2012 2:42AM Please don't screw this game up as it looks so promising for a decent sci-fi mmo that's not more themeparked dumbed down star wars.

Star Wars: The Old Republic announces economic adjustments {Massively}

Mar 2nd 2012 3:25AM I usually enjoy the level grind but this game bored me to a point where I barely log in to do it, haven't even hit a level cap yet on the 4 toons i've started since launch and don't even bother with on some nights since the servers were usually down for patches. So glad I didn't waste the money on the CE atleast.

HeroEngine licensing takes off thanks to SWTOR's success {Massively}

Feb 24th 2012 3:25AM Licensed engines are only as good as the developers using and modifying them for their titles. I'll still say that the perfect MMO world engine is sitting out there but only as a single player game in Just Cause 2. Everything a decent MMO world/zone should be is in that engine. Instead of the crap worlds ToR saddles us with I would have loved to have seen them each using this engine.

Rumor: Blizzard embracing F2P for unannounced game {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 11:14AM Popup UI "You've just walked 10 steps would you like to purchase more to continue?" Y/N pay immediately via Kotickstore kredits @ 25 for 15 steps, 50 for 40 steps or 100 for a combo of 75 steps and 30 combat actions."
"would you also like to change your armor at this time for 5 credits?"

Asheron's Call readies radical February revamp {Massively}

Feb 8th 2012 2:45AM As a proud Aluvian spec'ed UA'er I say bah to the dropping of racial skills. Hated being saddled with dagger, tried swords but always went back to UA. On the otherhand oh what a wet dream dual wielding would be if I still played this. Would I give up a shield to buzz through mobs even faster, oh hell yeah. Ahhhh the good old days when mara was a fresh island and aerie was new to explore slowly expanding out as you ran into all the new mobs they added. Oh hello mr coral golem lets see what you do...oh crap...a cave full of nobles why yes I have a couple of hours to spend with my back to wall collecting salvage.

Dam wish they really did a true to the mechanics AC3 sandbox style game sometime soon.

The Daily Grind: What's the highest sub fee you'd pay? {Massively}

Feb 6th 2012 11:32AM Depends on the depth of the game really. For your typical game I don't mind the 14.99 for it, but comparing it to something like Champions Online or CoH or DCUO in their time 9.99 is more in line. By typical I mean WoW/ToR/LoTRO EQ i guess, as they offer depth to the game systems(loot, crafting, questing etc) compared to something like CoH/CO that are basically arcade games you level in, not enough depth and or secondary systems to make it worthwhile.