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Totem Talk: A deep discontent {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2008 3:23AM I have been playing a shaman since beta. When wow classic released on the 24th of November I was playing a shaman that night, and am still playing that exact same character. I've spent a year playing each spec, leveled from 1-60 as elemental, turned into a resto shaman for a year for end game, then leveled to 70 as enhance and raid end game as enhance now.

There's not been a nerf I can't really deal with. It makes me sad to see the class get nerfed in patch after patch, but we also get some pretty good buffs along with it (enhance really got some huge buffs in 2.3, and watershield, on the whole, is a megahuge awesome amazing buff for the class). In fact, watershield is such a hugely powerful buff, I will be very surprised if we get any significant buff this patch.

If you are a serious arena player you know that watershield is devastating in terms of longevity for resto shamans, same for enhance and elemental. It's such a huge buff I can't believe people don't recognize it as such. Of course the changes to the enhance tree are mostly pve centric they are so good that again, it would surprise me if we get any significant buffs out of 2.4.

The nerfbat for our class is something you either learn to deal with and play around, or quit and reroll rogue or warlock. I have stuck with it, and will continue to do so, I've always felt blizzard has done what's best for the class according to their own agenda and if they neglect us in 2.4, you just have to say to yourself, "Ah well, there's always next patch."

By the way, to the comment directed at the WF rank5/4 nerf in 2.1, I was very upset when this happend as well, but after raiding through the end game content I can safely say that if they hadn't added the CD there is no way we would fit the role of support DPS. Our dps is very very good even with the nerf and I don't honestly see that CD being lowered ever.