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Encrypted Text: How to lrn2raid {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 1:46PM My main raiding tip is always remember to use Cloak of Shadows to take off Gronn Lord's Grasp (the movement slow) when fighting Gruul. Nothing makes this fight easier than being able to position yourself at full run speed before the Shatter.

Instant karma's gonna get you {WoW}

Jul 10th 2007 12:17PM Dies Irae was easily in the wrong here. They are a guild who could easily clear Kara and have likely just stopped doing so to save raid time for further progression. So they decided that they would abuse another much weaker guild so they could get loot from the better part of the zone without having to go through the first 1.5-2 hours of mindless trash. Not all the guys in that guild are bad, but the one's responsible here clearly pulled a dick move.

And whether NA did this for purely ideological reasons or just to get under DI's skin or whatever, in the end revenge was served.

Oh and as someone who raids horde side on that server and knows some of those guys, I'm pretty sure not ALL the Vashj loot was sharded. I'm fairly positive there's a warlock running around with a shiny new caster ring(, courtesy of that kill.

Encrypted Text: Instruments of stabbiness {WoW}

Jun 27th 2007 12:26PM I use Combat Swords as well. I'd rather be bored sometimes than supremely frustrated with being unable to find a good position to dps. I did the daggers thing for almost a year in MC, BWL and AQ and that was definitly enough.

I thought I would also toss a fist build out you may want to include.
Seal Fate/Fists.

It takes the passive crit bonus and gets a little extra juice out of it with extra combo points from Seal Fate. And all the while you still do excellent white damage. Basically, you are swapping out more specials from Combat Potency and getting more High Point finishers from Seal Fate, as well as a little extra poison damage on the side.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite 2.1 change {WoW}

May 24th 2007 8:30AM The epic engineering goggle patterns and the change to Sword Specialization for rogues makes me a glad panda.

Rogue sword spec fixed for 2.1 {WoW}

May 17th 2007 11:35AM #5, your thinking of Windfury procs.

The rogue thing is fabulous because sword spec has always been extremely annoying as it messes up Combat Potency by affecting the amount of offhand hits you get over a period of time.

Hybrid Theory: Three parts awesome, one part me {WoW}

May 16th 2007 3:50PM The concept of a hybrid has always been a problem in mmorpg's. Mostly due to poor communication on the part of the developer as to what their philosophy is in approaching how they are going to develope hybrids. Most feel that they are kind of the "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" type of class. The issue with that being that blizzard then created a game where success required specifically defined roles where each person needed to perform to a high level in order to succeed. If the game were easier, then hybrids would generally feel less of the pinch they experience today because it wouldn't require them to spec a certain way in order to guarentee a high margin of victory. But few would actually push for blizzard to make the game itself easier I would wager.
Everyone wants to bring something valuable to the table when it comes to grouping and blizzard has gone out of their way to create things like totems, blessings, battle rezing, to make hybrids part of the team. The problem being, hybrids don't want to just be gimmick classes, yet there aren't any more roles for them to fill. They shouldn't meet the defining class standards of tanking, dpsing or healing because it destroys the unique purpose of the "pure" class. Everyone would be the hybrid classes as they could just get new gear and a spec change to change their roll entirely instead of having to reroll an entirely new character.

Now, after writing all this, I do agree that paladin tanking needs a bump so there is some increased viability. But all the people complaining about the Retribution and Enhancement Tree need to wake up. You won't get up to the dps effectiveness of rogues, locks or mages. No one put a gun to your head and said "ROLL THIS CLASS AND ALWAYS BE THAT CLASS". If you don't like what you can do, you always can change. Just stop asking for everything, you are not broken because you can't do something someone else can.

CM chaos on the PTR {WoW}

May 7th 2007 2:52PM Not to burst your bubble Mike. But, give this post:
which was referenced across the blogosphere, it seems we have at least 1 more patch build to go on the PTR's before we get the final. So expect a week of posts concerning the nurfs and buffs of the Karazhan crappy epics and then a final release on the 15th.

They almost always announce that they are taking the PTR's down on Sunday or Monday before the patch anyway.

To click or not to click? {WoW}

May 4th 2007 10:33AM For someone who is trained and locked into the "Console Controller" mindset, I cannot move away from moving my character with my left hand and activating abilities witht he right.
As well, from the millions of hours on the computer I cannot feasibly use my mouse with my left hand. I have tried keymapping the numpad, but I find that it stops me from moving effectively with my mouse.
So, I've just kind of perfected moving using a hybrid of mouse+WASD and clicking my keys. Its gotten to the point where anytime I reveal that I click instead of keymapping, people are extremely surprised.
I will admit however, it does make me less effective as pvp.

Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 11:30AM The most useful part of this data is the least popular 31 and 41 pt. talents. All of these are drastically underpowered and make their talent trees less desirable because of it.

Blizz should use the rogue trees as a good example for others. The 31/41 are not fantastic and could use some tweaking, but they provide an advantage that is obvious and could not be passed up when speccing into that tree. These should be showboating talents, not reasons for ridicule (lightwell).

More Legendary weapons from the Kael encounter {WoW}

Apr 30th 2007 1:40PM I like the idea of adding "Event Only" weapons into a battle. It lends much more to the idea that it is the skill of the participants that leads to victory, not how much time they have to farm flasks, elixers and gear.

I'd like Blizzard to extend this concept into what could be called "Dry Runs" of instances. Upon entering a zone, you would receive a certain level of gear and then could keep it until you zoned out. The drawback being that you couldn't get loot from anything you killed. It would give people a chance to experience some of the content without having to farm previous epic raids for months on end to gear up an entire team.