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Ten things to know when starting Champions Online {Massively}

Sep 2nd 2009 2:24PM i thought the game played like a bad PC port of a console game... good to see this confirmed by ppl saying it is best played with a console controller.

Dual specs and loot priority {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 3:32PM "The trinkets are really only good for fresh 80's or off specs anyway"


Dual specs and loot priority {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 3:28PM if you need it, need it
and don't be a jerk and leave group after you get it if someone else rolled need too (you WILL be added to friend's list with a note about your actions)

its only 5 people, and rolls is rolls.... c'mon
this is just regular, step outside, reset, rerun

now about that htoc polearm......

The Digital Continuum: The people problem {Massively}

Jul 20th 2009 3:59PM Unless you are playing an MMO with a workable player ranking system (meaning players ranking other players in a way that all can see and filter on) I think we are destined to experience the same downfall of decency that befell IRC and Forums/Commenting before us.

The tipping point has passed us, the shark has been jumped, everyone is a jerk and furthermore there is no consequence to being one. A few small pockets of friends will attempt to hold on, but they will find themselves pushed further and further into the margins; unable to experience any aspect of the game that calls for greater numbers or firepower than they have.

At this point guild membership may as well be a mandatory part of the games, you may as well get assigned to one as soon as you roll. You should expect abuse and indifference. You should expect your time and energy to get leeched in order to gear up the jerk that will kick you from the run as soon as you get to the boss that drops the loot they want. You should expect hours upon hours of playing alone while being assaulted by a constant stream of your mamma quality humor and cybering.

Oh, and you should expect to pay a monthly fee for all this fun!

Redefining MMOs: Massively Singleplayer (part 3) {Massively}

Jul 16th 2009 1:48PM Massively Multiplayer Online

The focus is shifting away from that second "M" but there is still a big interest in the other two features. The massive is something you are typically not going to get in a solo game. I have seen big solo game worlds, but infinitely big? If you want to play that kind of game you have to go online. If you want to play a game that never "ends" that always has a bit more progress ahead, then you are going online.

MMO is NOT just about multiplayer. As you point out the companies that make them need to make money, to make money they need to up the Massive & Online features to draw new players in and keep them hooked. These new players don't really care about the Multiplayer parts as much, and frankly they degrade the Multi exp.

I don't know if you have noticed but the number of people playing wow that a person would actually want to be social with has been steadily decreasing. On my realm there are huge swaths of players that spend all day in the chat channels just picking fights with other players. every day, the same dozens of them doing the same thing. PuGs are just excuses to insult each other, and guild applications are devolving into entertainment for guild as they tear apart the applicant.

The Mutli part of the game is going away more because of the new players than anything else. They have no interest in playing with anyone else, and any sane person would have no interest in playing with them. Don't believe me? Look at how man guilds are blowing apart, only to reform and blow apart again once they get some new recruits.

Breakfast Topic: Different states of rest {WoW}

Jul 9th 2009 12:31PM In RPGs, where this whole concept originated, the mechanic was never about being a deterrent to long play sessions, it was about getting the players to the nearest town or to set up camp so the GM could assault them with the next devious plan. It was never about realism, game mechanics rarely are, it was motivator to action. Just like losing exp or gear in death was a motivator to not die (easy rez is an expectation brought on by video games).

WoW has plenty of other motivations to drive players to quest hubs (meaning towns, with inns) so this mechanic is not needed. Die/rez/retry is also part of the core WoW playstyle so there is little reason to motivate players to prevent their own death, thus the punishment for such is limited.

If people remember to look at this as a game, with rules that fit a game, then things like this make a lot more sense.

Five action packed Champions Online screens {Massively}

Jul 2nd 2009 8:03AM look through the screenshots. do you see any female character with a different body type than all the rest?

Five action packed Champions Online screens {Massively}

Jul 1st 2009 12:25PM only one female body type? that is kind of fail... the game looks great, but I guess they have no plans to have female IRL players.

Kids exploring the Wastelands of FusionFall in ways devs never intended {Massively}

Jun 2nd 2009 11:01AM hopefully game designers take a cue from this. encouraging players to do things they enjoy (exploration and achievement) are good things! when MMO worlds grow to the scale that over 50% of the environment is procedurally-generated (or 100% in the case of the Love MMO) this exploration/screenshotting will be a fun pastime for many players.

A Repletion of Rats... {Massively}

May 22nd 2009 1:20PM I would love to see more quests that actually have an impact in the game world. In many MMOs there are NPC factions at war with one another. If there was a contested zone being fought over by high level npcs (powerful enough to prevent players from getting involved) the players could do quests that actually affect the outcome of the conflict. Say, perhaps, there is a keep that factions are fighting to either control or defend. Players could collect bandages that then put more NPCs back into the fight for their faction; or collect materials for weapons and armor. You could be tasked with recruiting new combatants, each combatant then having their own 'payoff' quest the player needs to complete before agreeing to be recruited. A typical FedEx quest would be transformed as returning the remains of a fallen hero to their family, or delivering letters to the folks back home.

Dynamic questing is also something that seems to be lacking. Imagine a fox, rabbit, farmer, trapper scenario. The trapper wants pelts of a certain color, the farmer wants the rabbits to stop eating his crop, the trapper wants the foxes to stop eating his rabbits, the farmer wants to the foxes to be protected. The balance will shift depending on how many players complete the quests of killing rabbits/foxes or trapping & releasing same. Depending on when the player comes into the situation they will be given a different task, and the results of completing that task will have a direct and immediate impact on what quests will be available for other players. Griefers will be around making it difficult/challenging for everyone. To take it a step further, the vendor price of leather and food goods in nearby towns could fluctuate depending on how well a quest giver is doing.

These quests are not that different than what we deal with now, but they actually have some meaning in the context of the game. Doing a "kill X" quest without any real impact is just mind numbing. If devs start looking at how players doing these quests can actually alter the game then i think the sinking feeling of grinding will start to fade a bit.