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Spiritual Guidance: Dispersion just wants to love you {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2008 10:39AM Just for starters i'm originally a holy/disc priest and enjoyed that a long while untill blizzard decided to make both of them pretty useless with pointless talents like penance(which is in no way good for pvp as i really have to survive myself 95% of the times and guardian spirits which is nice but is impossible to time and you'll find yourself stupid wasting it on times it wasn't needed. now i went shadow because well, i heard some good things about upgraded damage. first of all let me tell you the mana regeneration is rubbish, a paladin will always do more damage then a shadowpriest and has exactly the same buff for mana regeneration. dispersion as the main part of this topic is my least favorite. the 6 seconds of doing absolutely nothing in pve is useless as you couldve chosen something that increases your damage or makes you last longer doing it. a real long time raider will always agree that there is simply no room for mistakes and only for doing more at what you're good at, doing damage. priests have no other thing anymore then doing damage and you'd hope they're good at it now. from a pve standard i'd say yes, its not bad but personally i'd like to see it get better, i wouldnt head for dispersion but yeah i like the shadow tree it's just disapointing we never get these ''woops we gave you too many good things lets nerf you'' situations we had at paladins(yes i got one too). now in a pvp situation, this is my least favorite and i would absolutely render it useless. it protects you from 90% of the damage which obviously needs a power word shield to absorb the 10% of lol damage they do. but while you use this it will only be in a situation of pure dots and overal too much damage. not only do you just delay your death by 6 seconds you can't do anything to save yourself in that time either. the only situation where it would help is if you had a healer... but you never do! we don't team up with healers because we're absolutely not a class that's remotely rendered to be compatible with one due to the fact we have no mana regen, our dots are all dispellable, mind blast and shadow word death(which backfires) are our only dps means because we cant use mind flay since were always target #1! so everything in a nutshell this makes you survive for 6 seconds to die afterwards, even if you had a healer they would CC him and you couldnt do a thing... why? cause you have a skill that makes you as agile and responsive as a rock.

The Light and How to Swing It: Uncle {WoW}

Nov 1st 2008 6:35PM Anyone currently making a joke of quotes from GC yeah but i find it a rather serious issue now that these nerfs keep coming at us and this one indeed hit the spot, personally i only ONCE saw the possibility of using them together and it wasnt in a pvp situation since global cds are still fighting us. now i cannot ever use it as it will simply fill up the forebearance spot forever. there is no room for a bubble in between and frankly im already resorting to my other 70s cause i don't feel like bothering i liked my pally first and now its getting worse and worse and my re-found fun in the class is gone just as fast. also i would like to use this post to point out HoF(hand of freedom) doesn't remove all stuns, sap seems to persevere.

Breakfast Topic: Non-combat uses for combat spells {WoW}

Jan 25th 2008 11:26PM that ritual of doom warlocks got... just awesome. someone dies i mean its just great :D