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Officers' Quarters: Gold rush {WoW}

Feb 26th 2008 9:27AM My guild uses the first tab as a donations in, where everyone can see and put stuff into but only the guild leader can move them to the other three tabs. The second and third tabs are withdraw only with limits set based on rank - anywhere from two to three stacks per day to up to eight for the highest ranked officers. The fourth tab is request only, purples and blues as well as enchanting and gem crafting materials with only two people with full access. Money is limited to repair only on non-officers with officers having up to 10/20g withdraw limits.

My guild also has a 10g per 70 player (not per 70 character) weekly tithe, to contribute to the common fund (used primarily to fund raiding efforts) which is easily reached with a single daily quest done once a week. The belief behind the is, if you can't contribute 10g once a week then you're probably not contributing much to the guild in the first place.