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Tiers: The past, present, and future of dungeon and raid sets {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2008 6:32PM Blizzard has said that you would not require to do the 10 man raid version, in order to get gear and be able to do the 25 man version.

When you're in level 80 blue's, you can walk right into 10 or 25 man Naxx.

25 man raids will just drop better items then the 10 man raids. With full 10-man Naxx gear, you can move on to the next 10-man raid. With full 25-man Naxx gear you can move on to the next 25-man raid.

The Light and How to Swing It: Paladin 3.0 {WoW}

Sep 1st 2008 10:22AM I like playing retribution in PvP. So I'm really looking forward how WotLK will solve our mana and kiting problems.


There will be buffs for retribution in PvP?

Or are we still supposed to sit and wait till we die when we encounter someone who starts of at 21+ yard?

Paladin changes in Beta build 8885 {WoW}

Aug 31st 2008 4:00AM "buffed only with Blessing of Kings, from my friendly holidin (though yes, it will be from a retadin in WotLK)"

Probably not. A retribution paladin won't want to go deeper then 5
points in protection. And a holy paladin probably wont want to go in
protection at all.

That leaves the protection paladin to give BoK. So now you'll have to
choose between 10% more stats or 3% less damage taken and a small mana

As for the mana regen part, it sure looks like warriors are getting a
far better deal out of BoSanc. than paladins do. With 20 rage you can
do 10 revenges if I'm correct. With 220 mana we can, hmm, cast a

Forum post of the day: Dueling debate {WoW}

Aug 27th 2008 5:04AM I think it is acceptable to use every single ability your class and race has in order to win a duel. I myself don't use potions / eat during a duel, but if someone would use that against me, I'll do the same.

If you allow everything, you can really learn from duels, such as expecting the unexpected.

And if you see someone win with the use of a 20 minute / 1 hour cooldown, either duel them again or congratulate them for being able to beat you once, every hour or so.

GC on raid stacking {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 6:43PM

I wonder how this will work from a healer PoV. Will a raid with 7 priest healers survive? I think they probably will.

Will a raid with 7 paladin healers survive? I think not, if there will be any kind of AoE damage.

Disengage and trap changes coming to Wrath Beta {WoW}

Aug 15th 2008 9:45PM Well, if they give "the class that needs to be at range" more ways to get at range, I suppose we will see a lot of new moves for "the class that needs to be in melee" to get people actually in melee.

This looks like a great change for hunters. I bet retribution paladins will get an extra dps upgrade, to make up for the lack of moves to get in melee.

"Heck, I have no answer to auto-run"

A Shadow Priest's take on the new Priest glyphs {WoW}

Aug 9th 2008 5:27AM "You can argue that those 3 seconds will never, ever come into play in PvP, and you would be mostly correct."

I've lost counts of times where I would run, on my retribution paladin, to a priest to hit him, only to get feared away... and I would drop out of combat before fear would be over. That's how long I run around being useless and not in control.

As for the fade glyph, I can see that being useful in instances / heroics. If you get aggro and fade doesn't make the mob go to somewhere else, the tank will have to come over to you and pull the mob off. Taunt can be on cooldown. With this glyph, the tank will have an easier time pulling aggro as he will need to build less threat for the mob to switch to him.

Bornakk says more about two specs per character in Wrath {WoW}

Jul 28th 2008 8:44PM And being able to swap will probably help a lot with the healers / tanks when leveling to 80 and while doing the new level 80 instances.

I will probably be leveling as retribution, while I am at the moment a full time tank. If I can still tank one or two instances a day, while staying retribution for the time between those 2 instances to quest, that would save me about 200g a day. Or it will probably make the runs go smoother as I will stay ret and try to tank that way :p

Breakfast topic: Burning questions {WoW}

Jul 28th 2008 8:48AM I would ask them to tell us what their idea is behind every class´s 3 talent tree´s. What is the purpose of the different roles classes can play in the eyes of Blizzard.

Wrath Beta patch notes: Paladin part II {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 9:37PM Avenging Wrath:
- Buff for Holy
- Nerf for Prot
- Kinda nerf for Ret (Nerf in PvE, not really used in PvE)

Defence to dodge talent:
- Our main threat does not come from blocking.
- We use dodge a lot for avoidance
- It will make live a lot harder for starting prot paladins who try to get uncritable

Conviction change:
- There is no longer spell crit or melee crit. That this goes for this talent as well is no surprise.

Devotion Aura:
- Still quite useless for a protection paladin, not worth 3 talent points that can be better spent on something else in the bloated tree's.

WOW Insider
Wrath Beta patch notes: Paladin part II

Posted Jul 18th 2008 1:30PM by Zach Yonzon
Filed under: Paladin, Analysis / Opinion, Blizzard, Wrath of the Lich King

When Ghostcrawler mentioned on the closed Friends & Family Alpha that Paladins were the last to receive changes because the entire class was being majorly reworked, he wasn't kidding. The patch notes from the recently opened Wrath of the Lich King Beta revealed massive changes to spells and abilities as well as a shuffling of talents among the three trees. I covered an overview of the changes as well as the new Hand nomenclature for old Blessings in the first part of our beta analysis. It's now updated with the new Paladin talents in all three trees, so be sure to check it out.

Before we get into the really juicy things, namely the new Wrath Paladin talents, we'll take a look at the changes to baseline spells and current talents. In some cases, these were totally reworked, and in others they were significantly improved. The first spell that leaps out with a huge buff is the change to Avenging Wrath, which no longer causes Forebearance. Its damage increase has been reduced to 20% (down from 30%), and now increases healing done by 20% (up from 0%).

In its current form, Avenging Wrath suffers from being vulnerable to dispel mechanics while leaving the Paladin with Forbearance, which remains even if Avenging Wrath is removed before it completes its duration. This also leaves Paladins with a tactical choice of having to choose between survivability or increased DPS, particularly in PvP situations. Forbearance on Avenging Wrath is a huge issue, as well as the contention that it does nothing for Holy or healing Paladins, who never use it in raids. Blizzard meets both concerns head on, removing Forbearance entirely instead of making conditional solutions, and adding a healing buff.

Without question, the changes are geared towards making the spell part of every Paladin's spell cycle without having to make unnecessary, yet potentially fatal choices. The removal of Forbearance makes it less painful when its (inevitably) dispelled, but it also means it can be used in conjunction with Divine Shield to prevent dispels in the first place. More healing or DPS while invulnerable? Yes please!

Auras, similar to Totems, now affect all raid members with the area of effect. This makes Auras more useful, making sharing Auras more of a logistical, rather than a grouping concern. One interesting change is the revision of Anticipation to no longer confer Defense skill but Dodge percentile (5% over five ranks). Although it was significantly moved down to the first tier, down from the third, Dodge does little for a Paladin tank's primary threat and mitigation mechanic -- blocking. On the other hand, Anticipation's current form makes it only marginally useful with an essential .8% increase in chance to dodge, block, parry, or be missed. The change is arguably positive, with higher gains in one mitigation mechanic for a lower talent cost.

The 41-point Protection talent Avenger's Shield also received a minor buff with a shorter casting time (0.5 seconds, down from 1) and longer duration (10 seconds, up from 6). There were no real complaints about the talent, but its new form makes it even more useful in PvP situations and is a welcome bonus.

An interesting talent revision was to Conviction, on the third tier of Retribution. Rather than increase critical strike chance with melee attacks, it also affects all spells. This is a massive paradigm shift, making the talent extremely attractive even to Holy Paladins, who can easily pick up the talent with a 15-point investment in Retribution. This shakes up current builds that branch almost exclusively into Protection. It's worthy to note that Illumination was also moved to the third tier of Holy (down from fourth), making it easier to reach and work in conjunction with Illumination.

A great change was made to Holy Shock, reducing its cooldown to 6 seconds from 15. A reasonably short cooldown makes it a genuine Shock spell (like Shaman Shocks), not only allowing it to be part of a Paladin's spell cycle but as a true offensive weapon. Because Sanctified Light now also increases the critical strike chance of Holy Shock, the spell becomes extremely potent, especially coupled with the new Conviction. The two talents combine to grant an additional 11% critical strike chance to Holy Light and Holy Shock. Holy Shock's range was also increased to 40 yards when used on friendly targets, which should allow healers to use it in conjunction with other healing staples without having to adjust range.

The formerly underwhelming Devotion Aura was bumped to the fourth tier, increases armor by a bigger percentage (50%, up from 40%) in fewer ranks (3, down from 4) as well as increases the healing done to targets affected by the aura by up to 3%. The latter change makes it an extremely attractive aura to use in raids, especially with the new raidwide effect.

Speaking of attractive auras, Retribution Paladins can pick up Sanctified Retribution, a renamed and reworked one-point Improved Sanctity Aura, to make the little-used Retribution Aura work like the two-point Improved Sanctity Aura. The limited-application Sanctity Aura has been removed, freeing two talent points in Retribution. Because Retribution Aura's damage was increased and now also properly scales with Spell Damage in Wrath, some Paladin tanks may opt to take points in Retribution for higher reactive DPS and threat generation.

Retribution Paladins finally get the long clamored for changes to the underwhelming Repentance, a 31-point talent that was outmoded in The Burning Crusade. The new version incapacitates opponents for up to whopping 1 minute (10 seconds in PvP). It still breaks on damage, but is now usable against Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids and Undead. Its only caveat is non-spammability, but works pretty much like a ranged Sap that can be used in combat. This spell is certain to make Retribution Paladins more attractive in groups, especially 5-mans, on top of the cool DPS-increasing changes to the Retribution tree.

Paladins' two 'uh-oh' spells, Divine Intervention and Lay on Hands, have had their cooldowns reduced to 20 minutes from one hour, and Lay on Hands no longer consumes all available mana. This makes it more of a clutch spell rather than an occasional all-or-nothing gambit.

Righteous Fury change:
You say that WotLK changes give the tanks a lot more threat.
- RF does not give any more threat then it does in TBC
- It used to take 3 talent points for the extra threat generation, now its baseline. You still don't want to tank without a protection spec, because you need at least 43 points in the tree to get spelldamage.

- The second change is just either wrong or completely stupid. 30% more chance to hit with spells? Spells only have a 16% chance to miss versus boss level mobs, 13% with the precision talent.
- I hope it's a typo and that it still protects our buffs, else we are the buffing class... with no protection on our buffs.

Warlocks are the dotting class, and they get trash debuffs + resist dispel talents + a spell that makes you stop dispelling our you'll hurt yourself badly.

It's really fitting that they would make the paladin buffs easy to spot + give no protection versus dispell / steal.

As a protection paladin, I am quite disappointed. I was expecting talents that would help in the area's in which we need help, like panic buttons (LoH is not a panic button). Instead we got more threat moves, and a 51 talent point that scales better with a melee weapon, and best with a full retribution gear set.