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Creating an open source WoW database {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 6:15PM Well, being the person mentioned in this blog post, I am surprised that people have an issue with the whole idea.

Let me clarify a few things:

1. My background does not matter for it does not change the quality of the idea.
2. Do not misunderstand Open Source here. The main idea is to make the site code and related tools open source. I am not talking about open sourcing the data, as all data is copyrighted by Blizzard and shall remain theirs.
3. I am only using C# / .NET 2.0 for a simple reason. It is nice if you want to do quick mockups and tests. Think of it as an implementation prototype. I can write the whole client in plain C++ with STL only, if that's what people want. I do use Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX and have no issue with making a Mac app.
4. I know very well about database design, and have worked with databases that outnumber the size and complexity of a WoW content database with ease. WoW content is not really big in terms of data.
5. Yes, there is PHP for the server-side application, but it could be Java, Ruby, or whatever you want. Even Python or Perl are no issue for me.

Please, do not misunderstand this. The post is about a development prototype. Neither are the chosen platforms final, nor is the whole idea final.

If there really is any developer among the people commenting, he / she should really know that ideas start with quick prototypes, that are iterated again and again until they reach something usable.

I am open for discussion, but please keep away the flames.

PS: Paid services and database... e.g. allakhazam -> but hey, I am just making this up, do I?

Armory updated to include stats and achievements {WoW}

Nov 26th 2008 1:03PM @Mike Schramm:
There is an error in your post. The WoW armory already has an API. While you will see a full featured character page when you open the armory in your browser, the armory actually publishes XML data for everything, including arena teams, characters, guilds, and items. Your browser only loads an XSL stylesheet to make the XML look shiny.

There also is a PHP class (with and without database backend) to retrieve store the armory XML data. I am the maintainer of this PHP API for the armory and have released version 0.4.1 today. It supports achievements and statistics, and can be downloaded from my website at

The 0.4.1 release post is here ->

The onset of pre-expansion depression {WoW}

Apr 8th 2008 9:15AM Looking at my own guild I find it hard to believe that there are pre-expansion-release depressions. Our guild is active on almost any offering the game has to make: we enjoy tackling the old 40-man raids, we regularly visit heroics, do the 10- and 25-man raids, and we do arena and PvP. Not to forget, that we are just a casual role-players guild where raids only happen twice a week and most of the time is spent on RP and creating our own stories and embedding game content like quests into them.

I remember prior to the Burning Crusade release there really was some sort of depression and it had a simple reason: there was *nothing* else but raids if you wanted to see game content. Now this is different. The range of options is much broader with heroics, multiple raids that can be done in parallel and with different PvP options available. The dailies also make up for a lot of change. Many people enjoy them, as they do give gold and most are actually fun to do.

And we even started to raid the old world dungeons again, as role-players now there is quite an incentive in doing so. The old T0 to T3 sets really give some RP useable look which many of us love. And raids like Molten Core, Onyxia or Blackwing Lair with 15 people are just plain fun. It's not much about mastering the dungeon or investing the huge playtime from early days, it's now possible to do them and RP while in the raid. This is much better than prior to the Burning Crusade, where you could only do your 75th Scholomance or Stratholme visit.... oh wait... I had more than these *barf-o-rama*

What else? The general look and feel of the world has improved, especially with patch 2.4. There is some visible change in the way NPCs act with the Shattered Sun Offensive, which was not there prior to TBC. The Gates of Ahn*Qiraj did not do that and Naxxramas also did not add permanent change. Prior to 2.4 it all was about temporary world changes, but now we have some sort of world evolution going on.

*breathes* enough said :-)

CC: How to run instances without a net {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 4:09AM I've had my fair share of experience with dungeon runs where some of the "required" roles are missing. First thing I had to learn is that every dungeon can be completed, as long as you have one class that can act as tank and one that can act as a healer. If this is the case, it does not matter which classes to take with you.

Just an example: Shattered Halls is said to be a dungeon where crowd control is of immense meaning. Well, I can tell you, it's not. You can do the full run without any kind of crowd control. Take a paladin with protection spec, a holy priest, a shadow priest, a warlock and a rogue, and then do not use mind control, seduce, or stuns. It works. All you need to do: define a kill order when you start, and stick to it. Doing it this way, we even survived two groups of seven mobs, and none of the group members yet had been into heroics or raids for gear.

It all comes down to three things: communication, having a general plan for the dungeon, and knowing your classes limits.

Are raiders becoming obsolete? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 3:09AM In common, a guild which just has been founded for the purpose of organizing raids always is doomed to be disbanded sooner or later.

MMORPGs are not good for people who look into owning something unique in terms of equipment or "status", because by the principal of what a MMORPG is, both equipment and "status" will loose their value with every extension the game receives.

Raiding always was and still remains attractive, but not for professional reasons or for achieving equipment and a "status". Raiding is interesting because it tells a story or continues a story in a much intense flavour than any simple dungeon could do.

This is a valid reason, and a guild founded on this idea will survive any change. Found a guild to raid or found a guild to farm dungeons or honour, and it will sooner or later disband.

WoW is not a game for such things, it's mostly about socializing and about stories to be told.