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Prot-Gear for Holy Paladins: will it help? {WoW}

May 30th 2008 4:20PM
I just do all of my dailies in my heal gear. Heck, I even go and tank lowbie instances or things like the trees in Skettis in my full heal gear. Admittedly, I have some pretty nice endgame heal gear to help allow for this... but for me, it's just faster to mow through things in healing stuff. Muchh better mana regen too, so it doesn't make it too mindless or slow, but rather I can just plow thoruhg one and do the next non-stop.

I do carry aorund a full set of tanking gear though, for when I tank 5mans, or heck even in Hyjal. I keep my spec, but make sure to cap on tank stats in my tank gear, should I really need it.

PTRs going down for another new push {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 5:11PM
That's what I'd be reading the article for, to find out.

I'm not meaning to be insulting, or a baby, by any means. Sorry if it comes across that way. I guess it's just I'm looking for more than that sidebar information, more than just a headline but the article to go with it.

I'm also not suggesting this isn't noteworthy. What about some suggestions on what would be nice to see? I mean, speculation is kind of. . . hollow, but it's something. What about what kind of activity the PTR has seen, what kind of input has come from it, and perhaps some encouragement to get more to the PTR to provide as much feedback on the new stuff as possible?

I appreciate fast news. I check non-WoW news sites routinely daily because I like to have those updates, sure. It's just with it ending in four sentences I'm left wondering why I read it rather than, like, go to the WoW Forums and read on the PTR forum to read they're down for 4 hrs.

PTRs going down for another new push {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 4:41PM
Of the last bunch of posts, I guess I take exception to this one the most. This is one paragraph and something like only four sentences. That's not even *trying*. That's a bare showing of effort.

I'm not meaning to spark a huge debate, but this somewhat a concern of mine, as I have poked in on WoW Insider off-and-on for some time. There have been some really great, insightful posts and then there are other times when stuff just goes up for . . . the sake of saying something?

Where's the story to this? Where's the 'insider' aspect to this? The insight? The weight? The meaning? Do editors actively review these posts before they are made public, because if so I would ask that you do look for that. I'm not about to preach and ask for any kind of grand jouranlist integrity or even professionalism. However, am I wrong to ask that there be something there more than the sidebar to my login screen? I don't think so.