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How many outfits do you have? {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2008 6:04PM I haven't really Looked into outfitter, or closetgnome, ever. I use good old Itemrack, with a secondary bar and macro's linked to my gear setups.

on my warrior alone, I have got over 12 gear setups, but funilly enough,
- even though I have been tanking (high level content) for practically my entire wow 'carreer'-
I have only 1 normal tanking set. no 'max stamina', no 'max threat' (though that might be nice for 5-mans), and no 'max mitigation'.

to me, an 'older' tanking item feels inferior, once I receive an item that is able to replace that adequately.
for instance, I just dropped my T5 tanking legs in the bank, the moment I had fully enchanted and gemmed my T6 tanking legs.
I know that T5 might perhaps be more useful to create a 'passive crit immunity' set, but frankly, it just would make me feel crappy.. less armor, less stamina, etc

as for threat: in 3 years of playing a warrior, I have just learned to make do with what I have got, I don't believe that a 'max threat' set would offer that much more threat, to make it worth my while... i'll just work harder then. and with that attitude, I can still properly tank 5-mans.

ofcourse, I do have tweaked out resistance sets, and re-evaluate them on a regular basis, to make sure they are the best I can offer on that subject.

I'm glad you mentioned the naked setup aswell.
it doesn't happen often, but it's still nice to occasionally be able to take off all your gear, and save yourself a repair bill :)

The strange art of marking {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 7:43PM I actually don't set up an initial kill order in heroics.

I just mark the mobs that I'd like to get CC'd, and then I just slap a skull on the mob that needs to die 1st, and just keep replacing that skull onto the next mob. this allows for a much faster marking at the start, and a lot more dynamic running through instances.
some people argue with me, but I really feel like a 'just focus on skull' type of approach, leaves much more room to resolve unexpected things. (for instance, when another mob turns out to be a lot more dangerous, or healing the others)