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The science of snagging a tag {WoW}

May 12th 2008 3:08PM Power Word: Shield. Shadow Word: Death or if you have to
Shadow Word: Death, Renew, Power Word: Shield.
And for the priest wannabes out there mind flay should work as well.

Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, now featuring an orphan on Air Guitar {WoW}

May 1st 2008 7:22PM Or self-righteous Dornaa wrecking havoc on all the land in the name of light and sorrowful Salandria torn between defending the world's peoples and a wish to bring her old friend from the orphanage back to her senses and to live and let live.

Forum Post of the Day: PUG Player Archetypes {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 4:20PM The Teacher - Whispers "buff plz" when my druid is in stealth following him and another rogue on a sneak mission to get the flag back in the middle of all of the opposing faction. When I don't break stealth asks: "Can you READ!"

"I broke a fingernail" Hero: Yells "where are my f***ing heals. you all suck" as he stands aside watching a priest get pummeled by warrior while stunlocked by rogue.

"your back just got stubbed twice" healer. Just stands there through the fight. When you survive by some miracle he heals you.

Breakfast Topic: Instance for sale {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 10:05AM My guild has a strict policy against what I nicknamed taxi rides. We will help and group up if we have alts or if the instance is hight enough for the mains. That said, i did use my 63 warlock to run my girlfriends alt through WC for the Fang set. Once. It was boring as hell. She then ran my druid with her 64 mage. Boring again. I just wanted the armor, but it was whole lot more fun to group up with guildies and do it for real. Never got the whole set btw.

Guess the patch 2.4 release date and win! {WoW}

Feb 28th 2008 4:04PM I am guessing 03/11