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No Apple key for Microsoft keyboard {}

Jan 12th 2006 3:06PM Gyration's wireless keyboard has it -- you can see it on the image on the homepage:

Run Windows on the new Macs {}

Jan 11th 2006 11:25AM I still say it'd be sweet if you could run XP as classic runs in OS X now ... Can't imagine apple'd ever do it, but perhaps some tallented individual is already working hard to do that ...

Starz enters movie download business {Download Squad}

Jan 3rd 2006 11:05AM Argh. To heck with sites that won't let me find out more about a service because I'm on Mac. -- Sure, tell me the service won't work but let me find out what it is. Is it unfathomable that I may use a Mac at work and PC at home?

Expansion rumors about the new race {WoW}

Dec 11th 2005 8:44PM So can someone tell me what races is shown as the hunter image here?:

Camino goes beta {Download Squad}

Nov 10th 2005 11:06AM It's solid app -- it's the only browser i use on my mac. It's no swiss-army knife but it does a solid job and works more like a mac app than safari. And in my experience it's more compatible with a wide varitey of Web sites than safari.