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New Laptop Hunters ad proves Macs are just for children {Engadget}

Apr 9th 2009 11:22PM @cottenhamr

I've been a graphic and interactive media developer for almost 20 years. PC's run the programs just fine! Yea... Personally, I wouldn't trust my hard work to be safe on a PC, especially regarding cs3 the post-mx Macromedia/Adobe suites. I've seen colleagues with NUMEROUS software/hardware crashes resulting in lost data (despite auto-save and source control) and more importantly lost time. PCs are great for a lot of things - I play wow on my alienware m9750 all the time. As for professional needs, your comment misses the barn by a bit... a lot. You should really cut back on the No Fear drinks and UFC marathons, oh and pick up a new DSi!

Apple is for kids! Nintendo is for kids! Trix are for kids!

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 26th 2008 3:32PM Organizers of the Elwynn marathon were arrested early Friday morning after a brief standoff with police at the Brewfest tent near Ironforge. The group is charged with gross negligence in the planning of the annual event in which dozens of participants fell ill after running through a section of the Eastern Plaguelands. When asked why they would direct the esteemed marathon through such a dangerous and toxic area, the organizers had no comment and appeared quite intoxicated and oblivious to any wrong doing.

Tank Talk: The irresistible fight {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 6:08AM The Illidan phase2 ads are by far the hardest thing I've ever tanked. Eye beams make a hard chore even harder, and are instant death even if you're reasonably distant from them.

guud funz!

Forum Post of the Day: PUG Player Archetypes {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 5:56PM Here's a new WORD OF THE DAY:

Puggernaut: *A player who does nothing all day but run with pugs, is likely unguilded, usually overly talkative, and knows how to bypass every mob leading up to bosses.