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Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 5:52PM YUM MOUNT!

Why Blizzard can't (and won't) sell gold {WoW}

Mar 4th 2010 4:11PM Its like Germany after WWI. "You want how much?! We aint got that much" "Too bad you have to pay it" "Fine, suck on this!" *prints out tons of money during the depression* You literally couldn't buy a loaf of bread with a barrel of cash.

Do you want that on wow? I sure dont

Consumer Reports says Toyota owner loyalty waning {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 4th 2010 1:23PM They lost my support when they cant explain why my 05 solara is the tire eater 5000. 5k miles and the outside edges are destroyed. Alignment checked by 4 different places 12 different times, including 2 dealers. No hard cornering (as thats what the dealer says the issue is). No cheap tires either. My next car will not be a Toyota, kinda sad, cause I beat the hell out of my 92 tercel when I bought it for my first car, thing lasted for 250k miles with no issue, only got rid of it for a newer car. I miss that thing.

Video: Icelandic Hillclimbing at its finest {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 21st 2010 9:11PM I just found a new goal in life.

Now to move to Iceland

VIDEO: Hot For Words investigates Ken Block's Gymkhana {Autoblog Archive}

Nov 13th 2009 5:26AM Seriously, I laugh every time I think of that comment.

VIDEO: Fantastic and fanciful old-timey explanation of the differential {Autoblog Archive}

Aug 8th 2009 4:37PM And people wounder why our kids are dumbing down. We need more videos that get to the point!

New Nissan driver-assist tech helps the James May in you find his inner Stig {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 26th 2009 4:08PM Fly-by-wire systems irk me enough as it is. Im always afraid Im going to have throttle at idle, but mr car computer says full open..... Now the GPS is going to get involved....

I can just see it "Left here" "Uh, theres a cliff here" "I SAID LEFT HERE!" *Car urns anyway* *Dies*

Discovery Channel's HD Theater bringing WRC coverage back to U.S. {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 16th 2009 4:51PM Yes rallies do have as many maybe more wrecks. There is good reason for it. Such as that tree coming out of NO WHERE.

Where NASCAR has only "OMG WHERE'D THAT LEFT TURN COME FROM?!" moments....

Discovery Channel's HD Theater bringing WRC coverage back to U.S. {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 16th 2009 4:47PM Look like its time to get Dish Network/other paid service!!