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Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Naxxramas {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2010 8:41PM I disagree with this article. Naxxramas was an example of how Blizzard just lazily re-tuned a vanilla raid, and destroyed the original raid in the process. Same with what they did with Onyxia's Lair. Naxxramas was horrible. To give a summary.

All of the bosses were the exact same in terms of models. Some of the tactics may have been adapted to suit 10/25 casual players, but it absolutely ruined some fights like Instructor Razuvious and Loatheb.

Razuvious was completely different on 25 man. In 10 man, the tanks controlled orbs to tank the 100k hitting death knight bastard, whereas 25 man made two shadow priests mandatory. WHY NOT JUST HAVE TWO ORBS AND TWO INITIATES AGAIN?

The Loatheb encounter itself wasn't horrible, it was the fact that on the trash before it, 10/25 players were screwed if they didn't have a warlock to summon them. Because Eye Stalks and over 9000 adds were inevitably going to kill at least 1 player. Whoever at Blizzard thought it was a good idea to keep that room were clearly massive idiots.

And don't get me started on Construct Quarter. I don't find instagibbing slimes which you have to run past to be fun, especially if you have to pray to god that you don't lag and get gibbed from the combination of lag and touching one of these slimes. Also, now irrelevant slime pools which reduce your stats by 75%!!!??? And I mean irrelevant because Patchwerk is now all about Threat. I absolutely hate Construct Quarter and everything about it. Its even worse if you go past Gluth and you can't get back to the entrance unless you either hearth out, are summoned out, are kicked out or clear Thaddius. Construct Quarter needed a major rework.

MMO Roundup: Star horses, extreme multi-boxing and more {WoW}


Patch 3.3.3a is now live {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 12:50PM Thats patch 3.3.0a, not 3.3.3a

Blood Sport: Ring of Valor problems and possible solutions {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2010 10:31PM Current Problem 1: Elevators cause any minions or pets to bug out, standing on the spot unable to move or use any abilities

Current Problem 2: You start within Charging/Bladestorming distance of any PvE geared Warrior teams

Current Problem 3: Fire

Current problem 4: Randomly moving pillars suck majorly

Ideal Solution: Remove Ring of Valor. COMPLETELY!!!

Lichborne: Rune cooldowns, tank mastery, and Cataclysm {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:08PM How about this for an idea

1) Remove Threat of Thassarian. Give all Strike skills the ability to hit with both weapons baseline. Forget the idea of a DW-exclusive spec like what Blizzard have done to Frost since 3.2.

2) Make Blood strictly a DPS tree. Buff Blood Strike in Blood spec to replace the current HS, and rework Heart Strike to consume Runic Power and be a massive RP dumping nuke ability. Add other things such as a damage buff to Blood Boil for extra damage so that Blood can AoE DPS. Blood Masteries will increase your Haste, damage increases from Blood Presence and decrease the amount of Runic Power your abilities use by a cetain percentage.

3) Make Frost strictly a Tanking tree. Frost Masteries will decrease the amount of damage you take in Frost Presence, boost the amount of damage that you Parry, and increase your Parry chance, as well as boost Threat. Reimplement the unblockable/unparryable element of Frost Strike but make FS deal craploads of Damage and Threat but have a high RP cost, like a DK Shield Slam. Move many of the DK tanking talents in this tree.

4) Make Unholy strictly a utility/PvP tree. Add a 20% healing debuff to Scourge Strike, and an ability which lets you unleash all of your Runic Power for a huge amount of damage, as well as higher crit chance reduction against players whilst in Unholy Presence.

PvP with Blizzard QA tomorrow {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 3:58PM Ghostcrawler promised me class balance.

(joking of course, although Wrath has raised class imbalance tenfold)

What the fans want from BlizzCon 2010 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 3:55PM What would I like to see in Blizzcon 2010?

1) A release date for Cataclysm, either that or the release of Cataclysm before Blizzcon.

2) The announcement of Blizzard's new MMO, or a new game altogether.

3) The announcement of WoW classic realms with old Azeroth, only 60 raids existing, no DK class, the old Honor ranking system implemented and a maximum level cap of 60. seeing as Cataclysm will probably destroy all of the level 60 content, much like what Wrath did to Onyxia's Lair and Naxxramas and 51 - 60 AV.

Two Bosses Enter: Readers push Black Knight through; Garfrost aims for Devourer {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 4:14PM How will this end?

Once sufficient stacks of Permafrost affect the Devourer, and he gets struck by a Deep Freeze, all he has to do is Mirror Soul and bounce the damage back to Garfrost.

Unleash Souls and then Wailing Souls after that = dead Garfrost.

Two Bosses Enter: Readers push Black Knight through; Garfrost aims for Devourer {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 4:09PM I SHALL DEVOUR YOU WHOLE!!!!!!!!!11

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 3:57PM Maintaining threat is supposed to take some effort. I don't think tanking would be anymore fun if you hit Tclap and never had to hit a button again.

Such as what Paladins (with Consecration), Druids (with Swipe) and Death Knights (with Death and Decay) have been able to do throughout the whole freaking expansion?

I can tell Ghostcrawler has kinda lost the point here. Warriors seem to have a massively inherent problem with maintaining threat using area of effect attacks against a huge crowd of enemies unlike every other tanking class.

Nerfing other classes to be closer to the Warrior isn't exactly a helpful idea either. Thats like nerfing BM Hunters to require more than one button (Steady Shot) to deal top DPS, and we all know how well THAT idea went (in 3.0.8, BM was overnerfed by a Steady Shot 10% AP scaling decrease. Arcane Shot was barely buffed to "compensate" for this. Fortunately, Explosive Shot got buffed so that Hunters wouldn't be a rock bottom DPS class anymore.)