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Wrath Dailies: Sewer Stew {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 11:06AM ...they do actually show up on the mini map if you're tracking herbs.

Arcane Brilliance: Patch 3.0.2 and you {WoW}

Sep 7th 2008 6:20AM Just fyi - the current highest dps rotation for an Arcane build according to the theory crafting over on Elitist Jerks is from just pure arcabe blast spam. The time it takes to re-ramp the charge on Arcane blast makes it a dps loss to cast any other spell in the rotation.

This seems a little broken to me, so I'm hoping Blizzard tweak this a bit before live - a shame to give us Arcane mages all these cool new abilities and then make us essentially have to ignore them if we want to pump out our full dps.

"Waow" comic published, apparently without Blizzard's permission {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 5:48AM Yes, satire is pretty obviously part of parody.

You're kind of missing my point. Large corporations can and do sue others over works of parody when they feel the parody is in someway harmful to them. Even though the individual may have the law on their side,
they often to do not have either the funds or time that a corporation can bring to bare in terms of fighting a legal case and so instead are simply forced to comply with the corporation's wishes.

Again, I very highly doubt you'll see a move like this from Blizzard over a comic book parody. If we do see Blizzard do something like this one day, I'd kinda imagine it would be over something like say the live action WoW pornography that one company have been making. Although even there I suspect Blizzard are of the opinion that people making live action porn out of WoW is just too hilarious a concept to be offended by.

"Waow" comic published, apparently without Blizzard's permission {WoW}

Aug 17th 2008 8:09PM Oh and while I'm thinking about it:

The protection granted to works of parody by the law is a bit of a grey area. If a company actually takes offence at your parody and decides to get lawyers involved, you can quite quickly find yourself up a muddy brown creak in need of hiring a very expensive legal paddle.

Just an example off the top of my head from the world of webcomics: Penny Arcade Vs American Greatings over a Strawberry Shortcake strip that was very clearly a work of parody but that still had to be yanked because the PA guys didn't want to face the legal hassle:

(just a quick summary I found via google).

The point being - if the company you're parodying are dicks about it, you could be in trouble. Blizzard luckily are pretty smart about this, and recognise most works of parody (even for-profit ones) only serve to greater raise the profile of their games.

"Waow" comic published, apparently without Blizzard's permission {WoW}

Aug 17th 2008 7:57PM See also:

Which is very much a for-profit long-form comic series set in a parodic version of Azeroth that gets linked to regularly from this very blog. Also available for purchase in dead-tree collected format from the same site. And don't they have a LFG animated film in the works at the moment too?

French comic book stores generally offer a much more diverse range of material than their American and English cousins, so it makes perfect sense for a comic like this to be on sale over there.

Breakfast Topic: Flying Mounts and Professions {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2008 10:03AM I've always thought a flying potion for alchemists would be kind of cool. Would need to work under the same restrictions as a mount or druid bird form (not in combat, only outside etc).

I pipe dream? Probably, but I never thought I'd see a +spell damage Alchemist stone either and now at last we're getting one.