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The Death Knight class revealed {WoW}

May 9th 2008 8:48AM As a couple pointed out. I think gamespy got something mixed up. The Presence mechanic seems to contradict that Blood is the tanking rune.

Prettiest in public {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 8:25AM EQ2, and now LOTRO, addressed this by provide a character tab or tabs that provide for gear that is just for show.

IOW this is the gear everyone sees you wearing but has no other impact on your character, its just a roleplay mechanic. You can't wear gear you haven't earned either.

A nice side effect is that everyone comes up with unique looks. No longer does everyone in a class look the same because they all have the same end-game gear.

Of course EQ2 has a lot more content and gear to give more choices but its something I'd love to see in WOW.

Both EQ2 and LOTRO provide 'barbershops' that allow you to completely change the look of your toon, (not the race or gender). Of course both this games have a lot more options for character customization, but the announced 'barbershop' for WOW is very weak in comparison.