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Breakfast Topic: Do you enjoy leveling? {WoW}

Sep 27th 2011 10:44AM I have a ton of alts and I used to enjoy leveling before Cataclysm. Now with the quests having to be done in a certain order in addition to themt being so easy it is not fun anymore. Leveling now is much like playing an FPS with cheat codes on (not invincibility but maybe having a rocket launcher full time with unlimited ammo). It is so easy it is not fun. Leveling was always fairly easy but you could do red quests and group quests to challenge yourself and use all your abilities.

In Azeroth it is impossible to get a red quest, now when you are level 20 you get a quest to kill level 19's and you can't get that quest till level 20. There is no danger anymore, you really have to go afk to die.

Leveling a class pre-cataclysm you could do the group quests in Redridge, Southshore, Arathi Highlands etc., to kill elities, and you could get them 7-10 levels early and really challenge yourself and learn your class. When I leveled another hunter to try out the new quests post-shattering, I got to level 60 in 2 days and never once used Feign Death, Disengage, Mend Pet or any other key hunter abilities because everything died in 1-2 shots. It really was just going through the motions. People leveling post-cata don't learn anything about your class because you just destroy everything and it is so ridiculously fast to level.

Considering there is such limited content at 85, it seems crazy to make the leveling process so quick, easy and boriing.

Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for mages {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 6:16PM I have to say I wonder how they will keep things interesting. Essentially all gear will have Int, Stamina, Crit and Haste, and some will have some hit. That's it? Every single piece of gear you get will be exactly the same just with +5 more of all stats. I realize that is not that different from the way it is now, but still seems like it's getting more boring instead of more interesting. Very little fun in scouting out your gear, all you want is anything at a higher item level because it has the exact same stats just +5 of them...doesn't sound like fun to me.

Ghostcrawler on the success of "bring the player not the class" {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 3:20PM You've pretty much shown yourself to be a total failure as a raid leader by your comments. It's fine if you wouldn't bring a rogue to a progression raid, but you're comment that you would only bring one mage to a raid is full of fail.

Mages are currently the highest dps in the game. They are so high GC has said they are overpowered and need to be brought in-line with other classes. I have 4 pieces of Naxx 25 gear and I can put up 5800 dps on Patchwerk. If you have 5 mages in a raid they should be 1-5 in top damage and dps for the run. So if you want to bring only one for the scorch debuff your guild needs to be looking at a new raid leader and probably some mages that know what they are doing.

Breakfast Topic: Too much politics in your WoW? {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 9:24AM I wish they would just create a new channel called discussion or something that would be linked to all major cities and/or linked to all zones. This way people might use it for the Real World stuff and the stupid Chuck Norris talk/Murloc kind of things. I know people will still try to use trade chat because many people would simply turn off this new channel because they don't want to hear the teenagers spew their crap, but if there is a viable alternative to using trade chat, maybe GM's could ban the annoying spammers from the trade channel.

I listen to the trade channel for trade and I hate to turn it off and miss a good deal or pattern i'm looking for. Trade channel really should be used for Trade (shocking I know) I really would like the general discussion and/or harrasement to be forcefully moved to a new channel. Some people enjoy that and they can talk all they want in that channel.

Skill Mastery: Savage Roar {WoW}

Sep 18th 2008 10:51AM Everyone freaking out about druid changes needs to calm down. People obviously haven't read up on Druid changes and what Blizz has in mind.

In TBC druids could both tank and dps with the same spec. That will no longer be the case in WoTLK. The feral tree is so bloated that you have to choose to be a Cat or a Bear. Bears will be able to MT as well as a Warrior/Pally but only if they skip 10+ cat dps talents. So if they are a "Bear" spec and they go to dps on a fight that doesn't require them to tank they will be doing 50-60% of the dps as a rogue. This will be similar to the situation that Prot warriors will be in WoTLK with the damage changes. A cat dps that is specced bear will do similar damage to a Prot warrior in Dps gear.

A druid that is "Cat" specced will have to pass up on 10+ tanking talents to maximize his dps. He will end up doing 90-95% of the damage of a rogue but will not be able to offtank on most boss encounters. To put it in TBC context, a "Cat" druid could switch to bear and OT something like a Moroe's add just fine, but he would not be able to OT Midnight or even something like Kilrek on the Illhoof fight. He simply won't have any of the damage mitigation talents and would die. So pretty much a Cat specced dps druid can OT the same level of mobs a Fury warrior can currently OT tank, nothing more.

As far as savage roar goes, 40% attack power may seem like alot, but don't forget druid scale differently, I currently have 4500 AP on live raid buffed and I do 900-1100 dps, which is what a rogue with 2000ish attack power will do. Druids generally need more than double the attack power of a rogue to even be competitive with that rogue. That is only at early gear levels like T4. In SWP equally geared druids are running 1600 dps while rogues are doing 3000.

I see nothing wrong with having some hybrid talents and being able to do 90-95% of the dps of a rogue. We won't be able to tank anything and feral-specced healing is a joke. We have 0 spellpower so our heals are an almost non-factor. Especially when you compare that to a Elemental Shaman or a Shadow Priest, both of who on Beta do 90-95% of the damage of a Mage/Warlock, but with the new spellpower/healing conversion can throw out heals that are 90% as efficent as a full specced healer. I don't think ferals are OP in any way, we are just being tweaked to be viable in raids, good DPS or good tank, but we can't be both anymore.

Ask a Beta Tester: Murlocs, mounts, and minimaps {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 3:27PM @29

I have heard many people talk about leveling the way you describe and to me it seems like the absolutely worst way to level a toon. It's counterproductive because your quests are yellow or even green by the time you get them done and they are rewarding you less experience than if you stayed at level appropriate or did above your level orange and red quests. (not to mention you are getting lvl 62 items at lvl 69)

I plan my questing by looking up the rewards for the quests on Thottbot or Wowhead ahead of time and I do the questlines that have the items that I want as soon as I hit the level I can get the quest.

Pretty much the complete opposite of your strategy. I made sure I gained my last experience bar from 64 to 65 in Nagrand right next to the Ring of Blood questgiver and was already spamming LFG for a group for the quest. I got a really awesome Blue weapon that was better than any instance drop or AH item available until lvl 68-69 and I got it 10 minutes after I dinged 65. I probably had better gear than you had when you hit 70 at lvl 65 because you were gettin quest items in Terrokar at the time and I was getting end game blue comparable items from Blade's Edge.

I also probably leveled alot faster because I had the best items available for my level 10-20 minutes after I hit that level. (usually doing a quest at 62 that was meant for a 65, etc.) Because I had better equipment and was constantly doing quests that were orange or red to me I got more experience than you did slumming around in zones you should have left 7 levels ago.

Sorry for the rant but so many people say they do all the quests and ding 70 in Nagrand, it's just simply the worst possible way to level, both speedwise and gearwise.

The only arguement is to save some of the quests for gold after 70, but there are so many faster ways to get gold at 70 than questing. Even doing quests my way I had 70% of Blade's edge/Shadowmoon/Netherstorm to quest for gold if I wanted to.

Be careful what you ask for {WoW}

Aug 26th 2008 9:58AM As far as being overpowered I think many people have explained how that's not the case. And of course there is Blizzard's statements that DK's although a heroic class will not be better than other classes, just different.

I wanted to comment about your thoughts that people who don't like melee or tanking normally will love it on a DK. Perhaps that is true for the melee portion of the statement, but it is definitely not true of tanking. Tanking being fun or not has very little to do with the class. Tanking is a mindset and takes a lot of dedication and responsibilty. You have to know all the instances inside and out, which mobs are immune CC, which mobs are casters/ranged, where the patrols path, etc. When you are tanking a five mob pull and the mage sheeps to close to you and the hunter freezes right next to you and the skull target gets pulled by dps because you couldn't AoE to get threat on X and Triangle and you were trying to hit X so it doesn't go after the healer, now skull is after dps, and X and triangle are going the other direction after the healer and you can't gain any threat on either because they are 10 feet away from you in different directions....and the sheep pops back and the trap breaks, that's what being a tank is all about. Some people find that fun, many do not....but it has very little to do with the class and everything to do with the mindset of the player whether or not they enjoy the responsibility and challenge of tanking.

I think DK's will probably be viable tanks, but since they also do decent dps and everyone will be leveling a dps spec, there will be lots and lots of lvl 80 deathknights saying in LFG, dps LF X instance. Players who enjoy tanking already have a Druid/Warrior/Pally and probably won't reroll for another tank, the majority of DK's will be dps/healer alts. Once these people try tanking for the first time and realize it is a chore, most of them will never do it again....some will, but the vast majority will be DK dps or just go back to their mains.

Breakfast Topic: What tabard do you wear? {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 10:13AM If you have some sort of matching armor wearing any tabard is usually pretty horrible looking. Especially as a mage when the tabard will get tucked into a robe (looks horrible). I've got the full shadoweave set and looking at that with no cape/helm visible is so nice. It will be a sad, sad day when I have to replace that.

Utgarde Keep beta impressions {WoW}

Aug 4th 2008 10:44AM Obviously these dungeons aren't tuned to epic geared level 70's. They are not even tuned to for level 70 end game quest gear....the boat to Northrend boards at level 68 not 70 and 3 months after the expansion this dungeon will be filled with fresh level 68's with level 63-68 unenchanted green and blue quest gear. This dungeon is tuned to the appropriate level for them.

Remember that for all the people who joined WoW after TBC they were in Ramps at level 58 with level 53-58 green/blue gear. That's why Ramps was so easy for everyone at 60 regardless of their gear and it will be the same with this dungeon.

Hybrid Theory: Spell Power hands on {WoW}

Aug 4th 2008 10:28AM II'm all for healers being able to solo quests a little bit easier. The biggest problem I see with Spellpower on gear is instance drops. Those two pieces of quest gear you listed would probably be good for mages/warlocks/healers or any caster hybrid. In an instance you have a Tank/Hunter/Mage/Warlock/Healer and an item like those cloaks drop. The mage/warlock/healer will be rolling on it. The next boss a piece of mail drops...The hunter is obviously getting that one, while 2/3 of the casters got screwed on the last piece. Obviously group compositions vary, but there is almost always at least one caster/caster hybrid and always a i'm really hoping the amount of "caster gear" is at least doubled in instances if not more than doubled to make up for the fact there is no more seperation in "damage gear" and "healing gear". Obviously in raids the gear will be more specialized so it won't be a problem, but for the 5-mans dps casters and healers will almost always be rolling on the same gear.....Blizz needs to make sure there is more of that gear dropping.