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CC: How to run instances without a net {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 9:08AM Agree with this... one of the most fun Steamvault runs I've done was a late night run by bored /2 people:
2 feral druids (mt + ot/dps), prot warrior (offtanking), aff-lock & elemental shaman healing (!).
We figured it wouldn't work out, but instead it turned out to be one of the fastest runs I've ever done through SV (untill recently when burning down the place with t6 geared group in no time).

Lots of people are stuck in the idea that you *need* such & such class for such & such role... but in reality, you can get through most of the instances with almost any class combination, you just need to work out how to use what you got effectively.

Don't do it, it's a trap {WoW}

Mar 16th 2008 8:18AM @theRaptor:
"Incidentally hunters really should make a Feign death macro that dismisses their pet. "

Here's a clue why we don't (copied+edited from thottbot entry):
Name Dismiss Pet
Range 10 yds (Ten yards)
Cast Time 5 seconds

Yes, it has a 5 sec casting time... it's not instant. And it does have an annoyingly short range.
Compare that to a Warlock who can dismiss his pet instantly at any range... :p

Don't do it, it's a trap {WoW}

Mar 15th 2008 11:17PM They should also change it so that when a Rogue goes into stealth, a HUGE arrow should automatically appear over their head, blinking & flashing ROGUE IN STEALTH HERE LOLZ!

It's about as stupid.

Incidentally, Feign Death still doesn't appear in combatlog, making it hard for Hunter to see if his FD was resisted by anyone or not.... but I can see someone making bandages or herbing in the combatlog. /boggle

Breakfast Topic: Potential playable races {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 9:12AM Arakkoa (caw!) & Furbolgs (roar!) please.

Omen in Patch 2.4: Even bigger, even better {WoW}

Mar 4th 2008 5:35PM When I checked ptr a couple days ago, even /combatlog doesn't show FD at all... ;p
And no, it's not just multi-mob fights I've had problems with, I've had plenty of problems with Omen on single boss fights, like Naj'entus, Bloodboil & Illidan (phase 1).
Ironically, I've also had problems with KTM being 100% accurate, and sometimes I run Omen & KTM side-by-side to compare the levels... and those can be pretty wildly different at times after I FD. Best is when I aggro when both are showing my threats at 10-50%...

Omen in Patch 2.4: Even bigger, even better {WoW}

Mar 4th 2008 11:44AM New Omen. whee.

What I *really* want to know is:
does this new version handle hunter's Feign Death properly, or is it still completely & utterly useless after you hit FD the first time in a fight? Because I find that Omen is clearing my threat most of the time I FD, when in reality my aggro *didn't* reset... and I end up pulling aggro.
Which is not funny when you overaggro on Illidan while Omen thinks you only have 30% threat and he heals back to max health, and you get yelled at & heaped on with crap & insults from the retards you raid with.