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Shifting Perspectives: So, is Nurturing Instinct worth taking now? {WoW}

Mar 4th 2008 2:14PM why do you take savage fury and shredding attacks? if your DPSing, your either going to mangle/get behind and shred, or your going to mangle spam... taking both of these is a waste of points.

Even with 1/2 way decent gear, you can drop thick hide... the max armor you can have before it stops doing anything is roughly 32k armor... I have 31k in T4/heroic badge gear... and the higher your armor is, the less it does, the diferance between 31k and 32k armor is about 0.3 or so dmg mitigation. Once your over 28k armor or so, its time to start dumping armor items for agility, help your dodge.... anyway, the point is. this talent, once you have even low end raid gear (4/5 T4 ect), is useless.

Of corse I was strait raid tanking spec, so i had 5/5 Imp Mark instead of Furur, since I was often the only druid there, and 5/5 feral agression instead of ferocity, since if your tanking in a raid, running out of rage is never an issue, and it is fairly out of the way for warriors to spec imp demo shout.

I never worried about dps, at all, if i was in a single tank situation, jus jump behind mangle/shred/shred/shred, couple dif trinkets/weapons/jewelry, and even with all my main gear enchanted/socketed for tanking, could maintain myself in top 10 dps fairly easily, and noone cares if you got #2 instead of #6 in DPS if you can't tank at your optimum performance when it counts.

PVP it'll be nice though... pop out, lifebloom, rejuv quickly and back to bear or cat... I doubt the bonus for +healing in cat will work on spells cast before you were in cat, but the +healing from agility (Or AP) will.