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The end of vanilla WoW {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:59AM Leveling is one of the many terrible things about this game, if not the worst.

1. It does not does not support playing with your friends. Because if your friends start leveling faster then you, you have to solo quest because they are too far ahead. Also soloing is faster. The recruit a friend thing seems nice (if you find someone to recruit in the first place), but requires your "friend" to be within 3 levels of you.

2. It is terribly boring, I hated it the first time I did it. That would mean the second time I would hate it even more, a lot more. I cannot even think about leveling another character again, that would require a ton... a ton of time (that could be spent on better things).

3. It is not fun. If you think these so called "quests" are fun you have not played a real video game.

4. Random quests suck. You have to collect 9 of some boars intestines and they never seem to drop, (kinda similar to raiding and trying to get your best weapon, that never drops) it's terrible.

5. Oh did I say boring.

6. It takes away time from the only good thing about this game "arena" (which sucks because you have to grind BG's and arena just to compete competitively.)

7. Lastly leveling is not hard, so all you cry babies that say it will make the game easy mode, leveling already is easymode. It just takes "time," lots of it.

8. Blizzard will not change there stupid ways, because time sinks are how they make money. Money makes blizzard really happy. Money causes Blizzard to make stupid ideas about video games, where you have to fly for 15 min just to get someplace, and level, and BG grind, and grind raid's.... everything is a terrible grind.

==Blizzard please just get rid of leveling it is terrible (or at least if you already have a 80 make it so you can make a 80 of any class. And then make pvp gear obtainable for free.

PS: To all the losers that think this will make the game easy mode, first think about how much time you will save to go out and have fun in real life. Then think about how much more balanced pvp will be, because everyone will have the same level of gear. Then think about how much more fun you will have trying all the 10 classes without having to level.

Most important of all think about how terrible time sinks are, and how many are in World of Warcraft. And then think about why you even bother playing the game any more.

WoW Insider's Loot-idays: Day five {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 3:38PM I want to dance!

Encryped Text: One Rogue's take on Season 5 {WoW}

Dec 24th 2008 6:17PM Death Knights and Paladins are not the only classes that need nerfs.

Rogues do too.

PS: Blizzard needs to fix the burst.