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Have Group, Will Travel replaced with faster flight paths, flask "Chug-A-Lug" perk removed {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 11:46AM To all you people saying Locks are going to be in demand, yup. People will still sit in the cities doing last minute gems, being social while the Locks and two disgruntled assistants fly to the raid. The only thing this changes is the inconvenience factor goes way up, for the summoners.

Should Blizzard leave heroic encounter difficulty alone? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 11:15AM Always, always, always make all nerfs OPTIONAL. That's all Blizz needs to do.

Official Void Storage preview {WoW}

Aug 18th 2011 2:52PM ArkInventory searches all possible locations in one search so you don't need to be in the bank to see what's in your guild bank. If Blizz only searches your current window, meh. I can be at the AH and see what mats are in the Guild Bank, my Bank and my bags in one search.

Patch 4.1: Blizzard unveils dungeon finder Call to Arms {WoW}

Apr 9th 2011 7:32PM As a tank I'm quite comfortable with my 10 second or less queues for dungeons and can't fathom waiting more than 5 minutes. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, however, the current discussion about the 4.1 Call to Arms idea doesn't really motivate me beyond my usual guild runs, since I rarely pug anyway. I don't have enough time after taking care of my guildies. So unless Blizz REALLY ups the offer, how many tanks like me won't be heeding the Call to Arms often enough?

The answer is to take the onus off the Tanks entirely. Rather than bribing tanks, how about directly addressing the excess DPS? Whatever the reason behind it, the issue at hand is that there are way more DPS wanting to run content than Tanks.

Blizzard should consider creating DPS-only Bounty Runs to soak up the excess DPS festering in the queues. Tanks and Heals queue as per usual and draw upon the available pool of DPS in the Queue. The remaining DPS, all queued in the random dungeon finder with no tanks available, instead get to go on a Bounty Run.

The Bounty Runs are a bunch of DPS races where 5, 10, 50 or however many DPS are pitted against the clock. Tanks and Heals need not apply. All the rolls current DPS need to master in regular dungeons and raids can be incorporated in a Bounty Run; kiting, zerging, aoe, dps burn, flipping levers, etc., through simple encounter design.

How do you train DPS not to pull aggro without tanks? Simple. Example: Have a boss fight that requires DPS to stand on the outer edges of a giant nest attacking eggs with the boss in the middle. If you pull too much aggro on your egg the boss migrates towards you until he eats your face. Balanced DPS from everyone keeps the boss in the center. If you're dead it's because you didn't ration your DPS and pulled aggro. Lesson learned, with all players knowing what happened since pulling aggro is the only way you can die in this encounter. If the overall DPS is too low, all the eggs hatch and it's a wipe.

How do you run a dungeon without heals? There doesn't have to be ongoing damage in a fight. Either you beat the clock or the boss explodes and it's a wipe. To incorporate ongoing damage in some fights it should be measured to last the DPS through the fight, with heal potions earned for proper play. Let the DPS earn their healing through skilled tasks based on skills that they need to master in their own class so they learn as they gear up. That way if they're not playing their class as designed they don't get self heals and they get impartial, self-imposed feedback on how they are doing; they die. If the only reason you die is because you suck at your class and you demonstrably have no one to blame but yourself, that is some valuable and focused feedback.

Now, for those imagining a one-way exodus of DPS to DPS only dungeons, since they are incorporated into the random queue the DPS doesn't know if they're going to play with tanks and heals or just DPS. The changes will be transparent to tanks and heals for when they queue the DPS slots will be filled from the total pool of DPS as per usual.

The result:

DPS get much faster queues.
Tanks and Heals get same queues.
New players learn their class or die.
Impatient players get to GOGOGO!
Terribad players die and can only blame themselves.

In addtion, as it stands now, I would imagine all things being equal tanks can gear up faster now since they can queue at will. With the Bounty Runs in place, since everyone has the opportunity to run content at the same rate, be it a dungeon or a Bounty Run, gearing up should be the same across the board.

Seems pretty straight forward to me.

Further tweaks;

--Scale mob hit points to the average gear level of the group so the pure DPS race is always challenging without being too hard in mixed-geared groups? The idea in a DPS only dungeons is a DPS race against the clock, so it should be pretty simple to estimate the hit point pool based on the DPS available to arrive at your 40 minute battle. That way with 4 well geared players and one low-geared player, the low-geared player's dps is still required, but not a liability.

--Each DPS player has tasks specific to him, so well-geared DPS don't do the low-geared DPS's task.

--I'm certain Blizzard would want to focus on NOT creating a DPS-only culture, but the numbers suggest DPS folks would be doing more Bounty Runs than running with tanks and heals. So what do you do? Keep DPS festering in queues waiting for tanks, taking two hours per run to a tank's one hour, or do you give DPS players their Bounty Runs? Do you make the Bounties a choice; "Wait in the queue" for gear from a Dungeon or "Run Bounty now" for gold only, or lower level loot, or rep? Do you send them to a Bounty Run only if they've been in queue for 10 minutes?

Again, I don't see the answer being bribing tanks. Some tanks can't do more no matter what you offer them. Some avoid Pugs as a matter of principle. Plus it rankles the ire of non-tanks.

Wipe up the excess DPS. We tanks are fine.