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Patch 2.4: Hyjal and Black Temple attunements removed {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 1:27PM Well, how about this? Nerf Kael and Vashj to make them less demanding. Everyone still has to follow the storyline and more people get to see Hyjal/BT. Why the radical change to no attunements? This seems like a blatant move based on nothing more than customer satisfaction to me (like so many recent moves made by Blizzard).

On a separate note: yes it is just a game and yes we all play our $15 a month but I am a little confused how these points get people to "we should all be able to do anything any other player is able to do regardless of skill and/or time put into the game." Don't we all play this game for the challenge? If so, won't players of varying levels of skill and time commitment want varying levels of challenge? These arguments sound a lot to me like, look I bought a hockey stick when do I get to play in the NHL? In the real world you simply get your ass handed to you. Here in the Blizzard world of subscription fees you get catered to because, as in real life, mediocrity is the vast majority.

In fact, I'll come right out and say it: every time I hear accusations of elitism I see nothing more than pure jealousy and the smirking chuckle of the player who now gets to do what others have worked for without having to work for it. This is the player that spends all day long in trade channel, plays his 10 arena games a week, afks in battlegrounds and generally would like to diminish any work done by anyone else as foolish and pointless.

I realize there are skilled players who do not have time to dedicate to the more challenging aspects of the game and I feel for them. I wish I had time to do all of the things I would like to do. However, I do not believe for a second the cries of "I just want to see BT!" Please. You are telling me you will walk into BT, have a look around, maybe kill a boss or two and then sigh as you settle back and enjoy the rest of your online life? L O L

There are things in the game that were put there to challenge the small percentage of players that are able, for whatever reason, to rise to the challenge. If you could not get there without help from Blizz, for whatever reason, then, simply put, too bad. Add it to the list of disappointments and get on with your life. In your own words, it's just a video game.

Allow me to sum up my argument: you couldn't open the door, someone had to open it for you, you found another door you couldn't open right behind it, now you will sit there and whine until someone opens that door for you as well.