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The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3 {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 1:24PM Alright, first off, he doesn't list several of the key factors in this. There are roughly, if the horde bothered to defend at key choke points, Five choke points for the alliance back to back. The first starts at Galv, the second IBGY, the Third depends on weather or not we're being nubs --ees joke we're always nubs-- and the fourth happens to be the entrance to the camp, the camp's bunker and the gate the where the main base is.

Pretty much the fact remains you're going through, if you don't use his maps logistical data and know the Alliance tends to AVOID riding on the other side because you guys are there, you'll only see about three of the major Choke Points. If you're playing a Defensive Game, you've pretty much won due to LoS issues in each of the bunkers, the fact that your stick walls count as thick walls allowing for ranks of Horde to fall back, note who to assist train on, and just blow away a single Ally at a time. It's slow, but it's the way the horde, normally, wins on the server I am on.

The AV premades that happen? Well, I can't stop it, but being the fact Emberstorm is a noob group and the gear discrepancy for PvP is so high, although Moonguardians have great gear which is interesting to me. At any rate, the Horde and the Alliance -SUCK- gear wise. The alliance, normally, suck more. So it's not only the fact that the alliance is 90% noobs, it's why we lose this is PvE PvP baby, it's also the fact that, as a PvPer, the horde just have better gear than most people. No QQ here, keep it up, I want a challenge.

Diraga - Quel'Dorei

Hot Seat: Bill Clinton's Image Damaged? {Politics Daily}

Mar 17th 2008 3:59PM I smell conspiracy theories out the gazoo.

Now, my bit...

How much of a damn people give about what you write.

You see that? It's the sound of no one caring. eave your conspiracy, your 'oh em gee i r unabl tu figer ut whut hes up 21!1!2121!!1111!!!!??!?!', and your 'He's not fit.' Neither was G.W. yet he still got into office.

Obama appeals to the common man. Myself, others like me, want to support a man who knows it's wrong that CEOs make so much more than everyone else.

Think about that before shooting your mouths off.

Hot Seat: Obama's Glass Jaw? {Politics Daily}

Mar 5th 2008 3:24PM Now, for everyone out here, I won't state my preferences for candidates. I will state something that should be, relatively, obvious.

For one, the 'Press' is paid to do what they're doing. They're as Biased as the rest of us. Most of them saw, for the most part, a good deal of Potential in Obama, which they wanted to keep in the public eye. Hilary on the other hand, has had the press time over the years thanks to her scandalous husband, she did cry to get the votes, and that, to me, is the use of her Gender, which is fine by me. But, it shows a moral and political weakness that I don't think the country needs. Obama appeals to the common man, to the man who needs more income and more support. Health care is NOTHING without the money to live well, and it's a point that is sore with many, many Americans. We're tired of not earing money while a CEO, in ten minutes, makes a year's wages of the common man.

I do not support any candidates at this time, call me biased and I'll call you stupid because you are.

On the other Hand, the Republican hand that is, is a powerful figure, he's a Veteran, he knows what to do, fact of the matter is, he is the IDEAL Commander and Chief of the United States Military. And, to further it, he also touches on other more painful issues that other candidates left alone. Read up on him he's got points that are very interesting. But, being of sound reasoning he'd also continue the war until it's done. That is a good and bad thing, yes, it's killing our men and women, yes it's draining resources, but, it will stabilize the government and allow for a democratic, likely Theocratic Democracy, government to take place. Now, he is in all essence, a Liberal Republican, so his choices are outside the norm.

All the candidates are good choices, but remember, choose who -you- want, not based on polls, not based on the very 'this gai is better than this gai' hearsay that is what really makes people not vote. Ignore the fact people flame you for a choice. You choose in the end, not them.