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Arena Season 4: Everything we know about the brutal season {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2008 4:14AM Guys, since I have tasted all aspects of this game EXTENSIVELY I feel I'm in a good position to add my 2 cents.

Currently there are quite a few different aspects in the game and people should learn to do only the things they enjoy instead of moaning. You can spend endless hours playing BGs, or Arena or running heroics or questing and of course.. raiding.

PvEers have a problem with arena because the gear ppl can get from arena are of the same level as the end-game raids in the game. Arena gear can "potentially" be obtained faster and with less effort than the PvE gear (TBC wise). PvEers sweat their asses off to acquire gear and it takes months if not years to acquire the end-game epics, cos of the way the game works, even after someone downs Illidan 10 times or heads into Sunwell Plateau.

Also in PvE, you have to coordinate 25 people. The support structure to have a guild raiding at least 4 times a week for 25 man raids is.. immense. People who never seriously PvEed will never realise the truth behind those simple words. To keep a guild raiding week in week out in 25 mans and PROGRESS, requires immense amount of effort, time and resources. Yes, FAR more than arena. Hence some PvEers feel bitter than their PvP counterparts can get equivalent gear in a fraction of the time.

Which is why I salute Blizzard's effort to add different stats to PvP - such as resilience - making PvE gear in PvP less viable. And making PvP gear crit dependent making them less viable for PvE (see AGGRO mechanics, if u r clueless about the importance of aggro, then don't even dare comment).

Mopving on to the PvP side of things. Arena requires SKILL. It's a different set of skill than raids, but Arena is to Battlegrounds what Raids are to Heroics. That is a language that everyone understands. A good PvPer does not make a good PvEer nor does a good PvEer make a good PvPer. Both require skill, but different sets of skills are deployed.

PvP requires faster reactions and unscripted actions. However it's limited in size, only 5 people at best. Constant communication IS key, as action is frantic but:

PvE requires an orchestration of 10 / 25 players. It ain't easy to get 25 people to do their "part" right. Especially in the high end raids. VashJ in SSC,is a perfect example. Especially while the guild/raid's gear is still par SSC.

To have a 25 man raid happen u need at least 40-50 ACTIVE raiders in a guild.

So, both sides, learn not to bash each other.

Arena requires a LOT of skill to get high rating, however a lot of the gear can be 'grinded'.

PvE requires immense amounts of time and effort and running a raiding guild becomes as demanding as running a coorporation. Let alone having to tackle issues between players, loot issues and everything else a raid enviroment throws at you, including endless nights of wiping.

Learn to respect each other's efforts. I hope Blizzard continues in the new expansion to separate the two sets of gear so that PvP gear is not that viable in PvEand so that PvE gear is not as viable in PvP.

Cleavage buffed on PTR {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 3:09AM I disagree with such "skill-nerfing" moves.

The whole point is to be able to CONTROL your character.

Don't do multi-mob dmg when there's a sheep around.
Learn to control your character. Having it all just full blast dmg is dumb and pointless and removes a player's individual skill.

Besides, for all those shamans and hunters wanting to shoot at several targets at the same time, what if that other target is AOE aggroed by the tank? You think he can hold onto him for long if you keep blasting those chain lightnings?

Learn to play the game instead of wanting everything to be serviced by one mouse click.

Perhaps give instant ability to all dps classes:

[One-Shot] => Does what it says in the can. Press it and your target is instantly dead. Works in PvE, BG and Arenas too.
Cooldown: 0.1 seconds

Can a shaman tank Karazhan? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 2:40AM I see a lot of similar ambitions in invading with your character another class' field. While it's great fun to do it for the novelty I would really hate to see Blizzard make a move towards making shamans a tanking alternative.

It's bad enough that the tanking role can now be filled by three classes and more often than not the warriors get sidelined, let alone a 4th.

Had a shaman the other day asking for mortal strike ability for his pvp, to which i replied and yes, warriors would like a hunter's pet, a water elemental and the priest's healing ability.