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Breakfast Topic: Is Azeroth's technology too advanced? {WoW}

Oct 15th 2011 11:57AM I think there's two types of technology at odds with each other in Azeroth. I like to refer to them as the Mad Max Tech and the Titans Tech.

The Mad Max Tech can be seen with both gnomes and goblins. Cobbled together creations that barely functions but get the job done. I'm not a fan.

The Titans Tech can best be seen in the Mimiron section of Ulduar. And, wow, it's awesome. The train is one of the coolest things in WoW in my opinion.

I wish WoW leaned more to Titans Tech. Machines and gadgets built not only with purpose in mind but beauty as well.

WoW Moviewatch: Colder {WoW}

Sep 14th 2011 6:24PM Great video.

WoW Moviewatch: Kung Fu Pandaren {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 12:48PM That was slightly amazing.

Breakfast Topic: That voice you can't get out of your head {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 8:22AM Falric from Halls of Reflection sounded pretty badass.

The Queue: You lied to me, Alex {WoW}

Nov 10th 2010 6:04PM Anne, regarding your explanation on why Blood Elves could not be druids...what if it went something like this:

-After choosing a Blood Elf druid as your class you find that you've spawned on Sunstrider Isle as a mage. You begin your questing, as any Blood Elf would, only to discover the quests deviate a bit from the normal progression. You find yourself on the quest to control the treant population when, upon engaging the first treant, it suddenly becomes unattackable. You drum up the courage to speak with this treant and, after a bit of a scolding, it explains why the treant population is agitated with the Blood Elves but that you seem different. Even through the taint of fel have a hint of druidism around you. Would you like to learn the old ways?-

I think this could be pulled off quite well. I also think this could be applied to the Wildhammer dwarves very easily. That way, both factions would have 3 races each capable of the druidic arts.

Win a ticket to BlizzCon 2010 from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 11:15AM Giving it a shot. Thank you for the contest :)

Phat Loot Phriday: Flashing Chimera's Eye {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 3:14PM A blood elf named "Lolegolas" as the voice of reason. Interesting.

WoW Moviewatch: PLATE {WoW}

Sep 20th 2010 2:47PM Speaking of teasers, any idea what happened to "The Hunt?"

Know Your Lore: The Old Gods part three -- Yogg-Saron {WoW}

Aug 12th 2010 3:52AM @Yangli

So, you're saying that Algalon is the Silver Surfer?