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Drama Mamas: Wake-up call to guild officers {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 11:40AM For those that do not buy my post, all I can say is its true for me. I like to heal, I really do. I have 3 max level healers (full t9)-shammy, tree and pally (with an alt pally @70 with healing spec as main since lfd). I am just burned out and have heard the same from many other healers.
I am just tired of seeing tanks lose 45k in 2.4 seconds from Festergut and the raid wiping. Miss a heal (or cast a heal somewhere else) and they die.
The reward healers get for improving? Sit one of you (lowest performer) and bring an extra dps and you are back to more stress.
I don't only heal to make raids happen, I leveled a bear in BC so he could tank kara on my second progression with new guild. He also is 80 and full tier 9. My 80 pally is prot/holy. I cant stand to see a raid not happen when I know I can do the job and have someone who can. But I am getting the point to where I hate getting phone calls saying if you don't make the raid, we are going back to ToC tonight since we need our healer.

Drama Mamas: Wake-up call to guild officers {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 9:33AM You are missing the big difference here between dps and healing. DPS is a game and healing is like a job. Healing has always been stressful and for most not very fun. A lot of people do it to help their guild, to get raids going or to help out their friends. This xpac has pushed more stress than ever before squarely on the shoulders of the healers making it even worse. Blink twice without a click, someone dies and the raid is a wipe. It really is that bad. Read the healer forums. Do you ever see any posts saying DPS stresses me out? Have you ever heard of DPS burnout? Tanks have it too but this xpac tanking (threat) was made ezmode while Blizz decided to stress healers. Guess what? They decide to stop playing or take breaks. This is my 3rd healer burnout this xpac. I will not do 25 mans and only go heal the 10 man because my GF is the raid leader. Otherwise I don’t care about the loot, the content or anything else because its not fun! I have more fun putting a low level toon on follow behind my tank and run old world instances than raid healing. Judging by your healers attitudes, I am not alone…

Forum post of the Day: Arena Realms {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 7:56AM Lets do the same with PvP on a carebear server. I PvP when I want to, and hate it when some bored idiots decide to destroy my quest givers and try to get nub's to flag themselves so they can 1 shot them. I am on WoW to play an MMORPG not an FPS and do not want to be forced into PvP cause a designer thinks world PvP is what an MMORPG is about.
And oh yeah, when on my horde, it is no fun trying to get my kids alts ofer to gnomer so they can "see" the dungeon but get flagged running the tunnels and watch a few 70's gank some 20's.