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Cleavage buffed on PTR {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 11:14AM Wow, blizzard never stops amazing me with how "dumbed" down a game can get. Hell my 3 year old could play it if i let him all the time. They are making it way too easy.. first it was raid icons because ppl are too stupid to attack the right mob then others in between since that patch, now its lets take away any thought what so ever for any player so they can mindlessly spam any ability they want since they are getting rid of any adverse effect of casting an multi target spell. Hell might as well make AoE's be the same way im sure its coming next.

The sad part is blizzard makes all this money from it and yet they cant even come up with unique gear designs for the pve/pvp world. They recreate the same designs as they used 3 years ago and put a new shade of color on it and call it a upgrade. Blizzard started off doing great in that department(3yrs ago), but lately have fallin off the cliff. I read some othe articale where it said something about they are making class's closer together so they dont have to make so many gear models? wtf this is a company that makes more, and has mad millions moer than any other game in history yet.. yet they cant come up with better a better design team than reuse gear/character/npc/mob models over and over just change the colors of it and name it something new.

/laugh at blizzard lazy-assedness.