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Shifting Perspectives: Bear Tanking Strategies Part 2 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 1:28PM I need to be more focused too. Maybe this is an odd question, but I hear more and more about people who either won't run anything less than Kara, or simply put on crappier gear when tanking lower level instances simply because it's so tough to generate rage while mitigating so much damage.

Has anyone posted a general guide to stats for each instance? I know group composition really affects this so I'm not expecting exact numbers, just ballpark. It's a funny masochistic-goldilocks system of "Hit me! Wait that's too hard...well harder than THAT, wuss. OW! Better...yeah...just like that. Hit me juuuuuuuuuuust right."

Shifting Perspectives: Bear Tanking Strategies Part 2 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 1:11PM I really REALLY lucked out. I was inexperienced in L70 content. I have a small guild of immediate friends which has the distinct advantage of being able to leave the guild bank unlocked, but the distinct disadvantage of never having 10 people on at once. It was always assumed the Warrior (that's right, just one) would end up tanking the instances and our healing pally would heal so I'd get to cat dps. When quest rewards were offered, I didn't really think about taking the items you've listed, but for some reason I did. (Maybe just seeing armor values in green is subconsciously appealing.) Circumstances changed and I am now the primary tank and am so grateful I picked up those quest rewards. Then about 2 weeks ago I ran Sethikk and Shoulderpads of Assassination dropped. There were no rogues in the group and the stats alone weren't a lot better than what I had. I almost didn't take them. (Later when I actually looked at them and did some research I thanked my lucky stars.)

I have a question though. The list you gave says that with the exception of an Arcatraz run (for the Verdant Gloves) no other instances need be run. I'd really like to be mistaken on this (because I'd love to be able to go get it myself) but the Mark of Tyranny is a pre-BC raid. It's not soloable, right?

Kalgan offers a possible WoTLK sneak peek for Warlocks {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 6:18PM My bad, this was supposed to be on Imparush's NEXT misinformed comment.

Kalgan offers a possible WoTLK sneak peek for Warlocks {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 6:12PM I never write in these things cause you basically can't say something that doesn't fully support the OP without getting flamed. However, imparush, your post was so misinformed it can't go unchallenged. I would like to make it clear that I have a L70 priest and a L60 lock on his way to 70. I don't Arena, but no one said this had to be about arena, just PvP in general. Also I apologize if I missed a post that already covered this.

"you dont got shadow form there take 15% of physical damage"
I have yet to meet a warlock that doesn't have at LEAST 15% more health than my priest. Most have 20%+ (hence the 2.4 proposed lifetap nerf being so harsh). And if you've ever been a S Priest (which you very obviously haven't) in shadow form in a BG, it's like painting "kill me" on your forehead (please let there be a moonkin nearby) so that 15% frequently is useless.

"you dont got a spell there make 15%-25% to heal?"
If I hit someone for 1000 damage (currently this is pretty normal) using my nuke (mind blast) I get (with talents) 250 health back. The same geared (and I mean the same) lock in my guild gets a minimum of 243 health back a tick from siphon life. This doesn't include drain life. My poorly geared L60 lock gets about 106 health from drain life each tick. I can only imagine how much a L70 lock gets.

"the bubble stil make a different to damage"
if it's a well-geared duel wielder, their first shot removes the shield and the second hits me. So I get halfway into my spell before being interrupted and die 1 second later.

"SL remove 20% to pet and we both take 5% more damage in demon spec"
No. No. No. You both DO 5% more damage. Not TAKE 5% more damage. /sigh

My apologies to the other locks if I've offended anyone and I don't even begin to presume to speak on behalf of the Arena players. Imparush, don't compare yourself to another class when you obviously haven't played it.