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Breakfast Topic: Is it possible to /gquit gracefully? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2008 8:56AM
Well i agree that is is very much possible to /gquit without having hard feelings, but also agree that when emotions come into play it can be tough to do that.

Example : a while ago I was a long time member and class leader of a raiding guild and the assitant guild leaders wife was also a mage who fell under my "class leader" assignments. At this time we were running Molten Core (wow a blast from the past) and the officers were the ones who decided on who received loot, and not even class leaders had a vote in this matter. Well for about a week every mage epic that dropped went to the officers wife with no discussion at all. It was becoming a daily task to deal with numerous tells from fellow mages complaining, and while i myself was getting upset I was also very quiet about my feelings since I thought it would stop. Finally it came to a head after a raid and was being discussed in officer chat away from the general membership, but the mage's husband and officer decided to take it to general guild channel and get a lot of drama started. In hindsight I think they felt it was only me and they would get some sympathy from the membership by playing the "i am picking on his wife" card, but it was the exact opposite.

To sy the least a lot of things were said in anger and emotions were running high, and it cost the guild 2/3's of it members that evening and left a lot of people with hard feelings. I never raided with a member of that guild again.

Now that is one extreme but yet on the other just several days ago i left a guild i had been with for several months. I had spoken with the guild leadership and my friends in the guild and explained why i was leaving and they were all supporitive and i feel that i left under "good" terms. Actualy i have even grouped with several of there members since leaving and they have all been supporitive.