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Breakfast Topic: Is it possible to /gquit gracefully? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2008 12:17PM Frostwhisper Eu - Silastical

I've left three or four times now. First gquit was when i was just leveling with a noob guild and we basically just chatted. It was not that serious never and soon I found myself being the only guy online. Second guild kicked me for not being online for a month or so. I had many friends there and they're cool with me nowadays and i play more. Third guild was a chat/help guild. We never did pvp or pve together. It was just for talking bs and if someone got ganked we helped each other out.

Now the biggest drama I had was with the fourth guild. Im not even actually sure how it all happened cause I had no bad thoughts about anyone. Here we go:

We went to Karazhan and since I was a real raid noob I didnt know a thing bout any boss so i had to ask tips all the time cause i was offtank/dps (druid). Soon I assume a mage got annoyed for me asking lots and we were gonna do the chess event. I said im not good at chess and the mage goes "what 're you good at :P". I thought it as an offence but pretty much just laughed since I know im no Jesus :) Then we got to a fight where i offtanked some mob and i didnt get any heals and i died for it so i threw a little joke "im good at dieing without getting heals". And it wasn't meant to be offence of anyones playing. It was just reality and fitted the situation well.

Now it all happened. A healer starts to whisper me that "F*ck off!" "Omg you're full of s*ît!" and i desperately try to say im sorry and i didnt mean to blame him for dieing. I didnt even care i died, i just threw a stabbing joke back at the mage that's all and i thought they'd understand what happened.

Then i just had to quit cause i thought everyone hated me for being the noob raider who asked questions but still did his offtanking job well. I had no idea it could come to this point. I didnt want to be inna guild that used such bad words towards me and if they really thought i blamed them for something they missed my point really. I understand it's hard to heal when there's two healers in a raid. And to be honest as a tank i appreciate healers very much.

I wish all the best for the *insert guild name here*. No hard feelings and good luck with kara :)