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Are hybrid tanks going to *be* left behind? {WoW}

Mar 18th 2008 9:26AM Sorry, I don’t think this can or should change. The reason is that a prot tank CAN NOT do the jobs that the pally and druid can. Why are pallys and druids wanted for 5 mans? Duh, because they have AOE! This is simple, and you can find most of this information on good warrior sites. I am a high level prot tank. My threat per aggro is split between every target, I have one AOE every 10 minutes. “If a pally or druid had the same effective health with block that I have, I would have NO spot in the raid at all.” The pally and druid tanks can AOE the trash, I can not. The trash pulls are every bit as important as the Boss. If you don’t get past the trash, you’re not going to see the boss anyway. Why would I be in the raid at all, and what would fix this? The simple answer is, “There is NO fixing this”. If Blizz wanted to make us all the same, and they can, it would ruin the game. Different bosses want different tanks. Bosses where a tanks shield is being used up, are best tanked by a druid. Druids are also the best OT’s because they don’t need as much direct damage to build aggro. Pally tanks are pure AOE, they are designed for such. If a druid or pally tank can MT as good as a warrior tank in equivalent gear, there is NO job or spot whatsoever for the warrior tank in the raid. People need to stop singling themselves out in this game. Our guild could not get to where we are without warrior, pally, and druid tanks.

Risen is mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it anymore {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 8:40AM OK OK OK OK OK OK...

Everyone is quick to write opinions on this, but no fix?

Here is the fix:

Award the 1st however many raiders to accomplish a said task 1st a prize. This can be special gear, a name, mounts, or whatever. BLIZZ ADD A GUILD PVP AND PVE TROPHY CASE TO THE FRIGGN GAME!!!@!
Bliz must, and will, make the game for the masses. What % are the hardcore geared out players that sit in IF close to the bridge and say nothing? Do you believe that a normal player should need to play more than 60 hours a week to see ¾ of the existing instances? There is no reason. Bliz has an expansion around the corner. When the big raiding guilds see that it is close they will start a selloff and stock pile gold anyways, and turn their attention to the next task. You can NEVER cater to a minority in an overall form, they must be dealt with individually.