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The Daily Quest: Why? Because it's red {WoW}

Jun 19th 2010 11:58PM I've posted my opinions about feral gear for Ruby Sanctum on my blog here:

Cataclysm Talent Previews: Our thoughts on the changes {WoW}

Jun 11th 2010 12:01AM I'm sure Allison's work will be great, but if you're looking for feral analysis, I've written up the new talents on my blog at

-Alaron (The Fluid Druid)

Shifting Perspectives: Fun with race choice, part 2 {WoW}

Jun 1st 2010 8:49PM Agreed. Good show-and-tell, Allie, as always.

*cough* Now, if people did want some alpha info, I do have the latest druid changes on my blog at *cough*

AddOn Spotlight: Warrior, rogue, druid, hunter addons {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2010 4:01PM FbN (as noted by may other commenters) is very out-of-date. I did two feral druid addon roundup posts on my blog a couple weeks back at there for some options.

Shifting Perspectives: Class homogenization and the cat {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 11:38AM DW,

Those stats are for emergency tanking (while the MT gets a brez, etc)...that's blowing all your Bear CD's (SI, Barkskin, Enrage with 4pT10 bonus). After those are down, you go back to having

Shifting Perspectives: Class homogenization and the cat {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 1:15AM Oh, and great article as usual Allison.

Shifting Perspectives: Class homogenization and the cat {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 1:13AM 1. I'd have to disagree highly with those who say a fully specced cat
cannot tank. Cats no longer need to spec into Improved Mangle due to
the lengthening of the Mangle debuff duration from 12s to 60s. A cat
willing to drop the 5 points from Feral Aggression (a 1% DPS loss,
assuming perfect rotations, which is nearly impossible) can pick up a
spec like this:
This loses 6% dodge and 10% armor over an full-bear
spec. Is it optimal for tanking? No- but it can quite easily tank
heroics and previous-tier raids. Also, all bear cooldowns are off the
GCD, so I can go from pulling 10k DPS in ICC to emergency tanking for
10-15 sec with 40K HP, 33% damage reduction, 50% avoidance
(pre-Chill), and 30k the span of 2 GCD's. No other class can match that.

2. Feral PvP has some serious issues. Savage Roar is such a huge
component of feral DPS that it's critical to have it up at all times
as a cat, but having to burn a finisher on it really hurts our burst
potential from stealth...especially because it's considered an enrage
effect and is removable. No Vanish, so no escaping bad situations like
a rogue can. Bear form has good survivability, but good luck trying to
kill anybody with it, and the stun is on a 60s CD. Let's not even
talk about the positional requirements, especially for people with

The Light and How to Swing It: Healing Valithria Dreamwalker {WoW}

Mar 14th 2010 11:30PM Beacon targets do not receive +healing modifiers, so don't bother with the pet/kitty druid/warlock idea. (Example: You drop a HL on a lock with demo armor which normally hits for 20k...lock will get 20k +20% or 24k heal, but beacon target will only get 20k, unless it has its own +healing modifier.) It's still a small boost if you account for the HL glyph, however.

Shifting Perspectives: Tree 1, Arthas 0 {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 1:06AM Allison, you don't NEED just makes resetting the fight quicker (meld vs. die and runback). As always, meld isn't foolproof, so I did my share of running as well. :) It's somewhat RNG dependant as well, as the stun/fear can really mess you up, especially if they're chained.

For Arthas, I can't speak from personal experience, but general consensus is heal through (as syshackmin notes) or Bash/Stomp the Soul Rip if your single-target throughput is lacking (no Empowered Touch, no Nourish glyph, etc). Don't mess around with trying to Furor means 0 energy when you shift to cat, so the cast will be over by the time you regain enough energy to Rake (for the cp) and then Maim.
(psst. Devs...can kitties have their interrupt not be a finisher please in Cata?) Giveaway: Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak {WoW}

Feb 24th 2010 10:14PM Free is good.