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Mar 11th 2008 1:55PM lvl 60 aff/dest lock

People have to understand fear is actually a really horrible game mechanic. it is unreliable, uncontrolable, and definatly breakable. its also unusable in instances, so if i get aggro while SB spamming, i have no way to drop aggro or run.

Also, while in bg if a rogue gets the jump on me i am SCREWED. I literally am stunned the entire time i am being attacked and have little no chance at all unless someone comes and pulls him off me. even deathcoil wont save me.

Locks need a small (SMALL) escape mechanism. no class should be able to completely shut down any other class.

personally, im a fan of the self banish, and would be willing to sac another talent or take a nerf to get it.

Thats my two cents :P