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The Queue: The addon was AdiBags {WoW}

Sep 5th 2011 12:30PM Question: Will we see the completion of Orgrimmar any time soon?? Drives me nuts seeing those cranes moving back and forth holding the same tusk I saw when I first installed Cat.

Arcane Brilliance: Magery within the Firelands {WoW}

Jul 25th 2011 11:45AM Sorry Tyler,
My friends and I are part of a following created by a mutual bond of hating Locks, circa TBC. You have big shoes to fill over here. Something tells me Mr. Belts column is probably the hardest to find subs for because of this bond. Don't worry though, you won't find yourself shaved, duct taped and left in a broom closet (Although a shaved Boomkin may be entertaining) As long as Paragon is around you will have a job. I was entertained by the column. I can see it being difficult for all class columnist today. With all the information out there, most people have already obtained the latest information on their class by the time the weekly class column comes out.
I think that is why Christian nails it. He knows we know where we are. So he throws some interesting comedy that we can all relate to. Makes for a good read after a week of reading strats, bis lists, rawr, simcrafting, watching videos etc. There is a good mix of information for the casuals, the starters, and the progression guys/gals.
All in all a very broad audience that I personally imagine it being very difficult to reach but we all have common - We play / played WoW, and everyone likes a good laugh.

Thanks for filling in for the week. :)

The Queue: I need to hug a bunny right now! {WoW}

Jul 18th 2011 3:33PM Could be worse, up here in Calgary it can be 32c one day and snowing the next! - Anytime of the year :(

Breakfast Topic: What place in Azeroth scares you? {WoW}

Jun 30th 2011 1:17PM Cataclysm Respawns ...... /shudder.

The Queue: Image related {WoW}

Jun 27th 2011 12:11PM "Does the period screw things up?"

Periods always ruin things for everybody ;)

Veteran WoW players given free copies of the game to gift to new players {WoW}

Jun 25th 2011 3:22PM Playing since 1.2. Received email Monday. Never opened it thinking it was another scam. Now to find a friend that DOESN'T play lol.

Ready Check: Preparing your raid for 4.2 {WoW}

Jun 24th 2011 9:58PM My $15 bucks a month goes towards a game I sit down and enjoy after my wife and kids are in bed. I try and experience every aspect of the game. Try it some time. Blizzard has tried so much to have a happy medium between the "hardcore" and "Casual" players and have branched out in different directions to add variety. Nobody is ever happy. Every fight is scripted and if the script is followed he will go down. 10 minutes of research and a video is not that hard to make your 15 a month worth it. On average 15 / lets say 30 = .50 cents a day. I think your getting your moneys worth, pretty sure of it. Ask your self what you wish to obtain from this gaming experience. Is it a cheat code that gives you instant epics and scrolling text saying you did it? or an environment that gives you a break from every day life? Try just enjoying the game for what it is and not an entitlement that you feel your .50 cents a day deserves (on average, I am aware that number changes for many). For 5 years I've seen individuals complaining that they can't get past A to be rewarded B to access C because they don't have the time to put in the effort that the formula may require. I get it. You have a life. Good on ya. Just don't complain on public forums about how much you pay and how it's not fair. We all pay the same amount and how we choose to use our game time will differ.

Ask the Devs 10: DPS answers revealed {WoW}

Jun 24th 2011 4:41PM This crossword puzzle is too hard and I don't have all the time in the world to figure it out. Can you just fill in a few words? (sigh)

Win a thirty-day game card from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 11:49AM Shatter my subcription for one month pls. :)