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EVE Evolved: Is EVE Online's death penalty really that harsh? {Massively}

Dec 8th 2008 7:53AM I agree with many of the above comments and i just wanted to add my 2 cents.

We are all proud of our ships in Eve because it represents the skill training investment, isk investment, research/fitting time, and learning how to successfully fly a particular ship.

When we lose a ship, the only thing we really lose is the isk investment. The other investments basically stay intact. ISK investment = time spent playing the game to earn more isk (missioning, ratting, mining, manufacturing, etc).

Now lets compare Eve to another popular MMO.. World of Warcraft. And yes, I know they are two totally different games. But i would to demonstrate the end reaction of a WOW player if WOW had Eve death consequences.

Lets say that the armor a player has is equivalent to a players ship in Eve. His time spent leveling to 80 and running the dungeons required to earn that gear is equivelent to the skill training in Eve. The gold he spent crafting an item in WOW, putting enchantments on each item is equivalent to the isk invested in a ship in Eve. The time he spent researching the best gear for his primary endgame function is equivalent to an eve pilots research time on how to fit/pilot a ship. And lastly, the actual playtime invested with the armor is similar to an eve pilot learning how to best fly his ship.

Now imagine that everytime the WOW player dies in the game, he would lose one/some of the above investments. The only thing that he would really lose is the gold invested in the crafted items and enchantments put on the armor. That means that all items would have to be reenchanted and recrafted on every death. That could easily cost a WOW player 1000's of gold on every death depending on quality of enchants and crafted gear. This loss would be similar to an eve player losing millions to billions of isk depending on the ship loss.

I guarantee that the average WOW player would be crying loudly about death penalties. And the only emotional factor involved would be the time reinvestment required to reach the level/gear he had prior to the death. Just as an Eve player realizes that he has to run missions for another week just to replace the rig fitted Megathron he lost in PvP.

You could tell the WOW player to only wear the armor that he can afford to lose. But i am positive that the WOW player would not accept that paradigm like the average eve player has to.

The Art of War(craft): Kalgan speaks on Blizzard's PvP philosophy {WoW}

Oct 5th 2008 7:54PM If WOW arena is all about skill like Kalgan says it is, then follow the Guild Wars model and give everyone the same gear according to class. The truly skilled players will still rise to the top.

And to satisfy e-peen ego's, make the gear look different according to their arena rating. Even though the itemization remains the same.

Problem solved ! No more catching up or the other problems currently associated with pvp gear.

Don't expect PvE to PvP transfers anytime soon {WoW}

Apr 13th 2008 4:47AM World pvp is dead?? I don't know what servers you play on but on Jubei Thos, the horde is in Southshore 24 hours a day, in Darkshire/Sentinel Hill 12 hours a day, attacking Goldshire daily, and of course a band of 70's live in STV ganking anything in sight. If you are leveling a character then you are practically required to visit all of those places. Don't tell me that it is the same to level on a PVE server and a PVP server.

Don't expect PvE to PvP transfers anytime soon {WoW}

Apr 12th 2008 9:29PM The main reason that PVE->PVP transfers is not fair is because the PVP realm player had to endure the extra pain of leveling a character on a PVP server due to the constant threat of being ganked. This does not occur on a PVE server.

Blizzard tried PVE->PVP xfers once and the (pre-BC) PVE lev 60 transfers spent their whole time ganking lowbies since they never got to do that during their time on the PVE server. There were an extraordinary number of griefing petitions filed.

Mark my words, Blizzard won't do it again.

Simple solution, if you want to play on a PVP realm. Level one up from level 1 like everyone else did on the PVP realm and enjoy being the ganker and gankee.

East Coast TV feed on the West Coast {The Jason Calacanis Weblog}

Mar 12th 2008 7:33PM I currently live in Costa Rica and have a slingbox setup in my brothers house in Houston Texas. It works quite well although the quality of the picture isn't always the best but it should work for you.

Good Luck