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LotRO producer's letter hints at new "Task" system and more for the future {Massively}

Oct 21st 2010 10:31AM Let us hope that the "more customisable purchase options" she speaks us includes a way for premium players to get permanent access to swift travel.

Get Lord of the Rings Online quest packs super-cheap for one day only {Massively}

Oct 13th 2010 10:31AM A wonderful discount, and a terrible failure.
Remember when DDO had issues like this with the +2 supreme tomes? Limited time offers, and a character who had used a single +2 tome would never be able to see them in the store. 2nd time those were available, they had fixed that and I believe at the same time done something similar for adventure packs.

So how come LOTRO, which uses the exact same store system, has regressed in this manner? If you don't know what I'm talking about, these hugely discounted quest packs can not be viewed and therefore not bought as a VIP. Which is a HUGE bummer for people like me who have gone with a single month of VIP, but long term plan to stay premium.
And their only customer support option to remedy this is, they can force your account back down to Premium, but you will never get the remaining VIP time back. So yeah, if you've only got 2 days left, you can go with this, but not if you, like me, have 3 weeks left.

Why is this stupid? Let's take a real world analogy. Let's say you on principle limit yourself to buying 1 pair of shoes and only buy new shoes when the old ones start falling apart. The shoes you have currently are however, very worn, and you know you will have to throw them out in about 3 weeks. Suddenly, you spot a huge sale on shoes, 75% off. What turbine wants you to do is stick with your principles, because you can't use the new shoes... yet anyways. What I propose is a bit of loosening of your principles, so even though you can't use new shoes at just this moment, you should be allowed to buy a new pair.

The Daily Grind: How important are achievements to you? {Massively}

Oct 1st 2010 8:10AM Yes, I tend to go for achievements, however only to a slight degree on alts.
I think however, that the main flaw in many achievement systems, is making achievements character-based instead of account-based, or at least in situations like LOTRO where achievements give actual systemic benefits, enable an account-wide view of the achievements (ie show achievements that have been unlocked on at least 1 character, ala GW Hall of Monuments).

TheoryCraft 101: Caster haste {WoW}

May 19th 2010 12:48AM That was in relation to why the GCD was artifically limited to a minimum of 1 second btw... Seems "reply" does not work as I expected >.>

TheoryCraft 101: Caster haste {WoW}

May 19th 2010 12:36AM I think you will find that it is rather a question of technical limitations. Imagine a caster-heavy 25m raid. Say, 15 casters all in all. Now, imagine all of them constantly spamming 1.5sec cast/instant spells. That's 10 messages from the players to the server per second of "I'm casting a spell". Now imagine all of them having 50% overall haste. Suddenly, that jumps to 15 messages per second.
Now imagine you have 100 raids like that on the same server. Thats quite a bit of traffic.

In short, the reason they set a hard cap is, because if they didn't, some theorycrafters would eventually find out "Hey, all these specs do better DPS if you gem pure haste"... Que HeroLust, and suddenly you have a raid of 15 casters all with 0.5 second GCDs. The server becomes overloaded, the lag becomes terrible, and you possibly have some players disconnecting.

Natal prototype model revealed (it's either adorable or terrifying) {Joystiq}

Feb 4th 2010 10:28PM Yes, this is shameless e-Peening, but also relevant and topical.
In the flagship event for the Global Game Jam 2010 (, Nordic Game Jam, Peter Molyneux showed up, delivered a 2 hour keynote, and made a live demonstration of Milo / Project Dimitri (named after his godsson, who was there as his assistant).

Aside from of course the Natal device being there, with the tech and all, the event was fantastic beyond description. Peter Molyneux is a truly inspiring man, contrary to my expectations of a PR windbag. Yes, as soon as he began to speak about Milo (and to a lesser degree Fable III), he went into his PR mode we all know and hate. But when he spoke about the industry and his past, he could really move a crowd. Gives you the impression that he doesn't do the game hyping out of spite, but because he's giddy like a schoolgirl about his own newest "baby".

The Daily Grind: What are your top 5 MMO must-haves? {Massively}

Jul 30th 2009 10:41PM While I do most certainly play MMOs that do not follow this to perfection, if a MMO contains 2-3 or more of the following, it most certainly has my attention. Therefore, these might be slightly contradictory:

1. Immersive dungeon crawls, ala DDO and Meridian 59(/Might and Magic VI-IX), instead of the boring formulaic predictability that is WoW instances.
2. An interesting, customizable character progression, for example skill-based systems (old SWG, Meridian, UO), a "soft" class system (DDO) or something as simple as tactics and abilities that scale with levels (WAR)
3. Tied in with previous, a non-WoW class system, whereby you are not just simply a single class from level 1 through 99.
4. Interesting classes, either in term of mechanics (WAR, LOTRO, post WotLK WoW, Vanguard) or flavor.
5. Beautiful vistas

So that's how they localize a game... {Massively}

Jul 24th 2009 8:47PM Very interesting insight. Certainly explains why months of delays are justified when localizing from Japanese to English.

However, what about the NTSC to PAL convertions? Doesn't add up.
From what I understand, it is simply a small part of step 3 (2-ish weeks) and perhaps the minimum workload for steps 4-6 (10-ish weeks). All in all, supposedly 3 months. But then why does it usually take these games over half a year to reach us dinosaurs here in the "Old World"?

TurpsterVision: TCG Loot and Huge Roosters {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2009 8:21PM I suppose that "buy me a drink" offer is female only? Or is there something we didn't know about the T?

The plot thickens, now give me mah chickens!

Wrath 101: Emalon the Storm Watcher {WoW}

Apr 18th 2009 6:16PM Our guild run found the chain lightning to be the biggest disadvantage in 25m. However we tanked him at stairs. Would prolly have helped if we tanked in middle, so DPS could spread all around. Also, used 2 offtanks.

We downed him on 10m, and the reduced risk of chain lightning helped considerably. I would say the biggest tip is, the overcharged add fills up on health. So turn on the nameplates, you can easily see which one it is, without even having to change target. Also, I'd recommend just marking all 4 from start, then calling out symbol of the overcharged. When a new one spawns, the offtank then marks him with the old mark. Not a problem at all, seeing as 75% of the time, the tank just needs to autoattack and maybe thunderclap/swipe/whatever.