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Planning for the Hallow's End title {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 8:33PM I want this title more than okay maybe not, but I REALLY want it. I am confident I can get everything (I only have 'bring me the head of...oh wait', A mask for all Occasions and Sinsiter Calling [already got squashling] left) except for that damn Mask for All Occassions, this one is damn near impossible! I only have 5 damn masks!

WoW Rookie: Choose your class! {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 9:44AM I started a druid as my first character and we all know how it starts, it takes you almost a week to hit lvl ten and u feel all proud. . .only to realize you have 60 more levels to go and that's wen i realized this class was just not for me.
So after a whole lot of looking, I rolled a paladin
QUOTE: ". . .are extremely slow levelers. . ." amen. But I love the class and after 40, they are amazing to have, not to mention a less then 1g mount : )
I say, roll a paladin, they may be slow levelers but they are highly versatile and virtually invincible. Any group running instances will want a DPS/Healer on their side.
P.S. Seal of Command when judged FREAKING RULES!