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Blood Sport: Hitting the brick wall of 1800 {WoW}

Mar 21st 2008 2:26PM "5v5
Rogue-Priest-Druid-Mage-Warlock 10% (+4.1% from my last sampling)
Warrior-Paladin-Priest-Shaman-Mage 6.9% (-3.8%)
Warrior-Paladin-Priest-Shaman-Warlock 6.9% (+1%)

The three-DPS team of Rogue-Priest-Druid-Mage-Warlock has jumped strongly from third place in my last sampling to first place. Is the "warrior gib" tactic emerging as a answer to the ubiquity of MS warriors in this bracket?"


Druid-Priest-Rogue-Mage-Warlock, known as "The Euro Comp" (due to its prevalence in the European arena tournament) is the direct counter to 2345 and 2346 comps.

BTW, you should probably refer to comps by their popular names... it would help your less informed readers sound more intelligent when talking to other PvPers. =P

How a quirk in the game can steal your loot {WoW}

Mar 19th 2008 6:06PM We got our very first Azgalor kill on Monday night, and our story is eerily similar to yours. Our Doomguard tank (a prot warrior) wasn't on the loot table, even though by our loot rules, T6 Gloves and Plate Chest should have gone to him.

I spoke to a GM that night, and the ticket is currently elevated... when I spoke to a GM, they made it sound like it would be no problem getting the item to our deserving tank.

They also said we did the right thing by leaving the loot on the corpse as opposed to looting it to someone else.

Have prot warriors been left behind? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 2:33PM Few things:

1) I wouldn't say that paladin or druid tanks "dominate" at any stage of gear/progress. There are certain encounters/places where you would prefer a pally or druid to a warrior, but there are others in which you'd prefer a warrior.

2) Continuing the above, there are plenty of encounters for which you would prefer a prot warrior. Whether it's the fact that they can break fears, or use spell reflect, or that they have an interrupt, there are some things warriors offer that druids and paladins don't necessarily offer.

3) Of the three tanking classes, the warrior is the only one that is almost a *necessity* in certain encounters. Kael'thas comes to mind as an example - a druid cannot MT Kael because druids can't equip shields (and therefore they can't absorb a pyroblast). And while pallies can use shields, they lack the interrupts that warriors have and would have a harder time hitting the amount of health you would want for them to be able to absorb a pyroblast if needed.

Warrior tanking isn't going anywhere anytime soon... nor should it.