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Molyneux & Co. still hyping: 'Big' Fable 2 announcement next week {Joystiq}

Nov 12th 2008 9:02AM @Metal Geario 360

MS was the group responsible for placing the XBox Live DLC activation codes within the packaging. Apparently, they had several locations doing the packaging and only one of them was actually placing the DLC code cards into the LE edition.

That's why a bunch of us are still twiddling our thumbs trying to discern what 5-10 business days means in MicroSoft calender days as it's been at least 12 for me.

Saints Row 2 trailer pokes fun at GTA IV {Joystiq}

Jun 6th 2008 10:12AM The first Saints Row was a very fun game and wasn't a cheap imitation. There were things in that game that just straight-up owned the GTA series and I believe that the competition is good for us. I'm loving GTA4 now and threw $5 down on SR2 on the day I picked it up.

I'll be happy to see both games push each other for a continuing fun experience.

Breakfast Topic: Collectibles {WoW}

Apr 15th 2008 8:13AM I always kind of felt that the Reputation system was their collectable system. Gather enough rep, get a reward...

Breakfast Topic: Most hated daily quests {WoW}

Apr 9th 2008 9:05AM Gaining the advantage sucks for Herbalists as well. I skip that one with my Herb/Alc toon, but love it for my skin/herb main. Skinning is where it's at for that daily.

Breakfast Topic: NPCs, our supporting cast {WoW}

Mar 14th 2008 9:07AM Every time I hit Shattrath, I can't help but think....

"I wonder how Seth's Mom is doing"

That, and Shauly Pore at the Netherstorm Biodome always makes me smile.