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Are hybrid tanks going to *be* left behind? {WoW}

Mar 14th 2008 10:12AM Prior to BC my warrior was the MT for our guild as we progressed through MC, BWL, AQ40 and finnaly NAXX. Once BC hit and we started in Kara I welcomed the pally tank to the group. The pally was happy to tank the trash, and could tank mulitple guys with ease. On my warrior I had to pretty hard to tank muliple guys and not lose aggro to some retard going full bore on an off target.

When it came time to tank the boss's I was called back to the front to do the job. However quickly I realized that being a tank warrior was no longer fun. All the instances has pulls with 5,6,7 guys. The amount of effort needed by a warrior to hold aggro on just a few guys at the same time felt like the game turned into my 2nd job. Around that of the mass exodous of warriors was when I also stepped out.

Now my main is a warlock, and I am the first person to bitch if we grab a warrior tank for whatever 5 or 10 man we happen to be wasting time doing that night. Fact is with a pally the instance takes half the time to complete, and is relativlely relaxing never having to worry about pulling aggro putting dots on secondary targets.

Ive actually started to miss tanking recently and have started leveling my tankadin to get back in to end game tanking.