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Incoming hot fixes and other bugs {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 5:58PM Maybe have warriors not use spell reflect?

Wrath storage solutions {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 2:39PM I would assume Badges and BG tokens will move to an arena points type system where you win a BG, you get three AV points, etc...

Authenticator on sale at the Blizzard Store {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 4:11PM The Beta Opt-In is in the Blizzard Store account, not in your WoW account...

Tracking the Tournament Realm rankings from the armory {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2008 10:54AM It appears that the "Outrageously Better Pros" team now only has one member and is in second place... O.o They may have reformed and joined the currently ranked top team - I am not sure which players were on the OBP team to begin with... malware mixup fixed {WoW}

Apr 15th 2008 4:16PM I was reading on the WoW UI/Macros forum the whole dramatic story that was brought from the dead by a recent reply. After reading everything, I was slightly amazed. I wouldn't use their site....never have, and now never will.

Forum post of the day: Rude emails {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 11:58PM Are you being forced to read it? No. That's like going back to a restaurant time and time again to complain about the service, food or experience, yet going back with your friends EVERY week..... if you don't like it, take a break for a day and come back.

Forum post of the day: Rude emails {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 4:46PM So, you have 44 comment posts dating back to 11/30/06, yet you complain here that the writing sucks. AND YET YOU STILL COME BACK TO READ IT? I, for one, am sick of hearing people say all the writers here suck. If they suck so bad, why does everyone who complains come back for more? Even if it is to flame the bloggers, you are still generating site traffic.....

Kudos to WoWInsider for their creativity. I don't see anyone on the Blizzard official forms whining about the Bard class...

Gold spammers at it again {WoW}

Mar 16th 2008 12:13PM OK, some food for thought.

With all of the account hacks going on as of late, something kind of sparked when I went to check my bank balance online, but at work. It told me that It didn't recognize the computer and a security code would have to be sent to me by either calling my cell phone or sending it a text message. Do you think something as simple as this would help the hacking problem? The hackers with my password could try to login, but I can tell you they don't have my cell phone! It could also apply to the web-based account administration so that a secret question or anything could be changed...

Like I said, just some food for thought... What do you think?