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Aug 1st 2009 4:26PM hey, i comment and stuff! (Because commenting helps you win)

Breakfast Topic: How do you distribute 5-man loot? {WoW}

Mar 16th 2008 1:53PM If someone doesn't know a piece of gear is bad for them and needs a discussion about the piece being better for a mage or a warlock, then I don't know how we made it through to the boss and downed it. Part of the game (to me) is knowing right off if a 5-man drop is a good upgrade or not.

I can understand in a 10-man there being some discussion, but in 5 man it's simple:

If you can use it and it will up a stat your class needs then you need.

If you can't and an enchanter volunteers at the beginning to d/e, then they greed.

If you aren't one of those two categories then you are passing.

Nothing weird about it. Just because a ninja misuses the blizzard interface is no reason to stop using it. As long as the "loot rules" are set up right off, then go for it. (simple macro could cover this upfront so you avoid feeling like a "ninja" for needing)

but of course let's please not use any of the new interfaces that blizzard has built since WoW left beta because that might prove that we weren't in beta and are the veteran players -- we might look like the noobs who have only been playing for a year and a half!