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Hybrid Theory: Dear engineers, please build me a walking bank {WoW}

Mar 16th 2008 3:55PM One thing I'd like to see implemented is a wardrobe bag. It would be similar to a 24- or 28-slot mining/herb/shard/etc bag, but it would only hold gear.

This would allow Blizzard to maintain the limitations on bag space, but would still send a bit of love to those who carry multiple sets, or who like to play dress up in town, or who are just too sentimental to shard/vendor their early tier gear. (that last one is me - although from time to time I do like to pop on my wedding dress, grab my scarlet begonias and a dagger, and threaten to jump off the SW bridge and drown in the moat)

On an unrelated note - I would also like to be able to name my non-combat pets. My rat answers to Templeton, not Whiskers, thank you very much.